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Benefits of cloud storage to small business enterprises


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Owing to its easy accessibility, ample data storage, faster data recovery, and enhanced security, businesses of all types: small or big, are now turning to cloud storage. In fact, it has now gone past any personal use into a significant technology adopted by most companies. 

Of course, there are a few downsides. However, most studies and research confirms that the benefits of cloud storage significantly outweigh the negative impacts. This article discusses some of the reasons or benefits small businesses gain by deploying cloud data storage.

But first;

What’s cloud storage?

For small business owners to fairly compete in the ever-changing business market, they have to strive to: get everything they need whenever they need it. In other words, small businesses need to be faster in accessing everything, including customer information, just with a touch of a button. And this is what’s cloud computing gives to its users. 

By definition, therefore, cloud storage is storing information online. In explanation, it’s a storage technology that keeps data on the internet with the help of cloud computing providers. 

So how does it work?

Cloud computing works by storing data on a remote server where the files are maintained, managed, protected, and backed up. The users are given access, and they can remotely access the content of the files whenever they need them. So long as they have internet. 

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Benefits of cloud storage to small businesses

Greater convenience 

With cloud computing, your locality does not matter. All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet with the internet to access your files. In other words, it allows simplified accessibility that gives you anywhere, anytime access to your documents. 


The most significant aspect of business that would determine if your company succeeds or fails is how you manage your finances. The good news is, that cloud storage will save you the high cost of hardware for data storage and their maintenance. It also eliminates too much employee attention. You no longer need to hire people to arrange or manage your files. 

Provides data backup

It’s very frustrating to lose your data due to a computer crash or when tragedies like fire, hardware failures, and power surges affect your offices. However, with cloud computing and storage, you stand a chance to trace, retain and get copies of your files. 

It encourages the rule of the 1-2-3 backup law. This rule ensures that your files are stored in different forms, reducing the inconveniences experienced due to unexpected circumstances like earlier mentioned. In short, your data is safe even if your hardware fails. 

Adequate security

There are some files or data that no business would want to get into the wrong hands: business transactions and finances, client contracts and information, and employee data, among others. This information can harm your business, especially if it lands in the hands of strangers who can manipulate, distort or change and steal the files. 

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But, here is the good news, cloud storage protects you against theft and unnecessary data loss or breach. How? With various data encryption techniques like multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, cloud storage is becoming immune to unauthorized access. For someone to access your data, they have to maneuver through several layers of protection. That implies completely protected data. 

Efficient file sharing

Comprising file sharing features, cloud computing enables the real-time collaboration of files. You can easily send or receive documents from multiple users so long as they have access rights. Secure file sharing is essential in teamwork, where people handle a specific task but are in separate areas.

It’s scalable

Most small businesses have been surviving in limited spaces for storing data. But things have changed. With cloud storage, you no longer have to worry about where you’ll be placing some of your data, as you can always upgrade whenever you need more storage space. Simply put, cloud computing doesn’t limit your storage.


Thousands of businesses are adopting cloud storage to manage their data. A factor that has been facilitated by the safety, scalability, affordability, and efficiency of cloud computing.

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