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Best 5 Cloud Storage Service Providers


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There are a lot of cloud storage providers available in the market so for a user it becomes a very difficult and messy situation to decide which one to use. And on which you can rely completely on your privacy and security. After experiencing this, I am going to share the top 5 cloud storage service providers. This definitely helps you to choose which one is best suited to you according to your need and requirement.

What is cloud storage? 

Cloud storage is a protected and safe place in which your digital data is saved, and maintained by the provider. It is a cloud computing model. It offers file versioning, automatic sync, collaboration tools. It also provides protection and security to files and encrypts them.

Best 5 cloud storage service providers

After analyzing relevant factors like pricing, storage, platforms where you can use it, etc. these are the best 5 cloud storage providers which I like to choose.

  • pCloud
  • Live drive
  • Ice drive 
  • Polar backup

1. pCloud: how pCloud is the best cloud storage service provider?

One thing that is best about pCloud is it stores large is suitable for small businesses and for your personal use. The storage facility they provide ranges between 10GB to 2 TB. you can operate this on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, ios, android. Also, by using our pCloud coupon code you can get this product at an affordable prices.

How pcloud is the best cloud storage service provider? It facilitates you by giving you the option of unlimited upload and download also provides you with unlimited file size. It offers you encryption and provides safety and security to your also provides the facility of synchronization. they manage your files in the following steps, search filter, trash. 

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Pros and cons of pCloud

Pros of pCloud Cons of pCloud 
Provides encryptionNot cost-effective 
Offers reliable security and privacy Extra charges for Pcloud crypto 
Unlimited uploads and download speedSometimes syncing issue 
Best storage facility 

Price structure of pCloud

They offer two-lifetime plans right now. In the first premium plan, they offer a premium of 500 GB. It costs $175.the feature they provide in this package is 500 GB shard link traffic, fair share, shared link branding, and 30 days trash history. People most buy its family plan using this pCloud family discount you can get amazing offers. 

In the second premium plus option they offer 2 TB storage,2 TB shared link traffic, fair share, shared link branding, with 30 days trash history. It is good for power users who regularly exchange large files.

2. is one of the best cloud storage service providers?

If you are confused that which cloud is best for you .so here I am going to tell you some basic things about offers end-to-end assures you by providing privacy and security. keeping your data 100 % private, regularly ensuring your data’s safety. That’s why we can say that is also one of the best cloud storage service providers.

Some features of which definitely help you 

  • Keeping your files 100%private with safety &security.
  • Offer a quick and easy way to share any kind of file. 
  • Provide a facility to access your files from anywhere. 

Pros and cons of

Pros of sync.comCons of
Offers great privacy and security Yearly contacts only
File sharing and restoration is easyPrices are expensive for some users 
Plus point for business and corporates Linux support is not available 
Offer end-to-end encryption with global data privacy compliance.Speed issue sometimes 

The pricing structure of 

If we check on the official website we get to know there are three options. The first one is team standard for small businesses or teams. It costs $5 USD per user, per month which is billed annually. The features they provide in this are 1 TB of secured storage, advanced sharing, and collaborations options. administrator account and sync volt.

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The second option which is the team unlimited is suitable for teams of any size or those who need advanced storage costs $15 USD, per user, per month, billed annually. It offers unlimited storage, custom branding, phone support as well as advanced sharing and collaborations, administrator account, and sync volt.

In the third one, the business option is suitable for companies that need enhanced org-wide controls with 100 +users. the price is not mentioned if you want to know you can contact to their sales team. the features they provide are a minimum of 100 users can use, custom requirements and privacy, dedicated account manager, and training options. 

5. Livedrive: what qualities make Livedrive the best cloud storage service provider?

It is sync storage and online cloud backup platform. It offers a lot of features like access control/permission, automatic backup, cloud backup, collaboration tools, document management, and storage facility. It also offers encryption, drag and drop, file management, real-time synchronization, and remote access. It also secures data storage and log-in.

Pros and cons of Livedrive 

Pros of Livedrive Cons of Livedrive 
Provide online backupCostly offers 
Offers military-grade security Not  providing ransomware 
Provide security to files by placing them into an online briefcase folder. Lacking HIPAA compliance 
Keep your file secure 

The pricing structure of Livedrive 

There are three yearly packages available right now. The initial one is “Backup”  in which they secure offers 1*PC or Mac user account backup with unlimited cloud backup storage. It costs $81.42.

In the second one they offer “pro suite”, they offer backup costs $186.26 yearly. Provide 5* PC  mac user account backup as well as tablet and mobile backups. They offer unlimited cloud backup storage with 5000 GB briefcase storage

In the last one “briefcase” they offer a facility to access files anywhere .desktop and mobile apps with 2000 GB storage. The monthly costs of these packages are $8.14,$18.62, and 12.80 respectively.

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4. Icedrive: one of the best cloud storage service providers  

It is a cloud-based drive that is available on the computer. it offers 10 GB of free storage. it also provides you the facility to free up hard drive space by transforming the data into the cloud. and you can access these files like an external hard drive. Here are some features of the hard drive which definitely help you to understand about this:-

  • Provide free storage 
  • Speed is up to the mark
  • Zero-knowledge encryption( except you no one can access your data )
  • Virtual drive (sync any folder from the computer)

 Pros and cons of Icedrive 

Pros of Icedrive Cons of Icedrive
Marvelous privacy and security Not 24/7 customer support availability 
Provides zero-knowledge encryption Not provide upload links 
Offers to access drive on desktop virtually.Lacking collaboration options 
Prices are consumer-friendly.

Price structure of icedrive


The available options are” pro” and “pro plus” 

Pro              -costs $4.99monthly 

                               -Storage 1 TB 

                               -Crypto ( client-side encryption)

Pro plus      – $17.99 monthly

                             -Storage 5 TB

                            – crypto( client-side encryption)



Lite                       -1.67/monthly,$19.99 paid yearly 

                             -storage 150 GB

                            -crypto ( client side encryption)

Pro                       -$4.17monthly,$49.99 yearly

                             -storage 1 TB 

                            -crypto ( client side encryption)

Pro Plus               -$15 monthly/$49.99 yearly 

                            -5 TB storage 

                            -crypto(client side encryption)


Lite                       – $ 99 one time payment 

                               Storage 150 GB

                              crypto ( client side encryption)

Pro                       -$299(one time payment)

                              Storage 1 TB

                             crypto(client side encryption)

Pro plus                -$599( one time payment )

                               Storage 5 TB 

                              Crypto (client side encryption)

5. Polar backup cloud storage 

Polar backup is a cloud backup service that protects all your data at a very low and affordable cost. It provides privacy and security to your data by storing it in the cloud 


  • Unlimited storage capacity 
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Provide privacy and GDPR compliantly 
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Intuitive and easy system to manage data 

Pros and cons of polar backup 

Pros of polar backup Cons of polar backup 
Provide the best quality at the lowest price Waiting period for restoration 
Compiles with GDPR privacy law and regulationsIt doesn’t carry two-factor authentication 
Storage and backup run smoothly 
256 -Bit AES encryption

Offer Unlimited plan $4 per month paid annually. it assures you by giving a 30-day money-back guarantee .it can be operated with one user, one computer, with unlimited provides you the facility to add more computer and storage devices. To reach more articles like this check out this WebTechCoupons

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