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Best Ferrovanadium Wholesale Suppliers in 2023


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Ferrovanadium (FeV) is a grayish silver powder or crystalline solid used to produce steel and other non-ferrous alloys. It’s mainly rich in iron and vanadium, hence the name. Normally, the vanadium content is restricted between 35 and 85 percent, resulting in an alloy with very desirable physical and chemical properties. Indeed, it’s popular with manufacturers of hand tools. It’s also used as an additive to make alloys stronger, harder, and more resistant to the activities of alkaline reagents like hydrochloric and sulfuric acids.

There’s no shortage of ferrovanadium suppliers for those interested. But not all ferrovanadium in the market is the same. Without much ado, here’s a look at the best ferrovanadium wholesale suppliers in 2023.

Oushi Metal

Oushi Metal is a Chinese-based producer and supplier of vanadium and vanadium products. You can visit their website at They are located in Shicheng, Chongyang County, and have been in operation for like 12 years now. They serve vanadium products, including ferrovanadium, to clients all over the world.

Their FeV, identified by CAS NO 12604-58-9, is produced in various purity levels, including FeV50-A/B/C, FeV60/A/B/C, and FeV80-A/B/C, and sold in small lump forms. Their FeV is stable at high temperatures and performs well in corrosive environments.  Shipments arrive within a week. We’ll also be happy to share full product certificates and results from testing labs to increase faith in our product. Speak with their team for more info.

United Raw Materials

URM is a consortium of like-minded professionals in the mining and steelmaking industry brought together by a common desire to share knowledge and expertise for the betterment of the industry.

The group is based in Russia but is very active in the international market. They offer ferrovanadium in various sizes for those interested. You can contact the group at +7 495 780-04-65 or for more details.

Zhen An Metallurgy

Zhen An Metallurgy is a renowned Chinese steelworks based in the mainland. It produces ferrovanadium 40-80 and can customize the alloy with different elements and shapes according to your needs.

Orders arrive with a complete set of test certificates, plus results from third-party testing labs, so you can rest easy knowing you are not getting conned. Better yet, test free samples of the product before placing your order. The company’s ferrovanadium is known for its high-temperature stability and great performance against corrosive acids.

Reade Advanced Materials

Reade Advanced Materials is a US-based supplier of raw materials for the steel and iron sector. Part of their raw materials includes ferrovanadium, which you can request in 50 or 80 percent vanadium purity. The alloy is available in pieces, powder, lump, ingot, granules, or lumps, and will be shipped in drums of various sizes.


If you need a European-based FeV supply, Metraco offers FeV80% lumps ranging from 0 to 2 mm, 2 to 10 mm, and 10 to 50 mm, as well as FeV80% lumps ranging from 5 to 50 mm.  Shipments are available in 1 mt Big Bags or 250 kg steel drums. The company is ISO 9001 certified and complies with various EU regulations for producing and supplying chemicals.

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