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Top 5 Manufacturers of Curtain Wall Systems in China


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Curtain wall systems remain essential to modern architectural design in this new world order of exquisite construction. You know how these systems enhance energy efficiency and offer sound and thermal insulation.

But the problem might be identifying curtain wall systems manufacturers in China. Indeed some have gained international recognition through their creative designs and advanced manufacturing techniques. We will highlight the five top curtain wall system manufacturers.

1. JMA Aluminium

JMA Aluminium, located in Guangdong, China, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of curtain wall systems. What distinguishes them is their focus on innovation and advanced technology adoption. JMA Aluminium emphasizes research and development, continuously working towards creating products and technologies to remain at the forefront of the industry.

They provide curtain wall systems that integrate functionalities like facades that respond to varying weather conditions or intelligent glass that can be electronically controlled to enhance privacy and energy efficiency.

2. Jiangsu Jiayu Special Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jiayu Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is also one of the leading players in the curtain wall system industry manufacturing in China. They are different from others as they practice specialization. Jiayu Special Equipment specializes in customizing its curtain wall solutions according to your project’s requirements.

They are committed to fully understanding the general conditions of different projects as far as aesthetics and performance for their design play a part. It’s, therefore, one of the famous brands that can bring any design ideas to life.

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3. Fangda Group Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Beijing, Fangda Group Co., Ltd. Stands as one of the manufacturers of curtain wall systems in China. What sets them apart is their dedication to producing high-performance curtain wall systems.

Fangda Group specializes in crafting curtain walls that excel in acoustic insulation and wind resistance. These systems are meticulously designed to ensure comfort and optimal building performance, making them ideal for projects in climates or areas with high noise levels.

4. China Fangda Group Co., Ltd.

With a domestic and international presence, China Fangda Group Co., Ltd. boasts a range of products as its unique selling point, which are manufactured by advanced extrusion equipment. Their offerings encompass curtain wall systems ranging from stick systems to unitized and point-supported glass systems.

This diverse product portfolio empowers architects and developers to select the curtain wall solution for their projects while ensuring maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal.

5. Suzhou Gold Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Gold Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. is a reputable China-based manufacturer of curtain wall systems. They are uniquely established through their dedication to sustainable operations. Their range of curtain wall systems is developed to boost energy efficiency, minimizing the entire carbon footprint buildings assume.

They are also known for developing new applications in materials, such as incorporating photovoltaic modules into their designs so they can harness solar energy. The company’s cutting-edge technology and sustainability make them stand out in the industry.


These manufacturers’ commitment to excellence makes them standout choices for architects and developers seeking reliable and highly functional curtain walls. Even so, they are established in their niche, from aesthetics, and energy performance to customization.

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