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Beyond Discounts: The New Marketing Mix in Retail and the Role of Digital Consultancies


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In the cut-throat world of retail, there’s a tendency for many retailers to put all their eggs in one basket and that basket is almost always labelled ‘discounts.’ But here’s the rub. Price is just one ingredient stirred into a marketing cocktail.

Look at it this way – social proof has power that packs a punch. We find those glowing 5-star reviews as irresistible as free cookies at a bakery! Our trust in our peers’ words surpasses any magnetic pull of discount deals.

Next up is delivery assurance. A pledge of next-day doorstep delivery or offering easy pickups from brick-and-mortar stores includes more than it excludes. And free returns? Well, hello boosted confidence during decision-making time!

And let’s not forget how we’re always down for anything ‘free’. Tossing in an extra surprise gift with purchase or no shipping charges could be the linchpin in closing the sale – crazy but true! 

We also have authority bias on our side – endorsements blowing out of expert trumpets loudly amplify product credibility like nothing else.

Then comes highlighting key features. Simple actions like shining a spotlight on your laptop’s marathoner-esque battery life or yelling about your pet food’s natural ingredients can twist arms strong enough to persuade customers.

But why beat the discount drum till it breaks? Sure, slashing prices might lure in the occasional bargain hunter or give your sales a temporary lift-off. But there’s a catch-22 here: Relying too heavily on discounts can end up cheapening your brand value, chipping at your profits margins and setting you off on a never-ending spiral of driving ’em deeper.

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How about flipping the script for long-term success? Muster up sustainable growth by romancing clients and offering beyond their needs. You need to do more than just sell merchandise – you’re selling high-quality experiences they won’t forget! And that means walking the talk with top-notch customer service and communicating clear brand benefits that scream “irresistible”!

Got room for another cooking metaphor? Imagine yourself as an industry expert chef hosting an opulent dinner party where the main goal isn’t just to feed, but tantalise taste buds with distinct flavours.

Wonder how retail can join forces with digital transformation taking the shopping revolution by storm? Enter stage right – digital consultancies like Elsewhen specialising in turning e-commerce businesses into powerhouses. This could help crack the code behind multiple aspects influencing customers’ purchase decisions—price tags, product bells-n-whistles or impressive brand image.

Choosing the perfect digital strategy dance partner isn’t some cake-walk, though. Ask yourself – have they been in the e-commerce industry trenches? Do they live and breathe digital marketing mixed with a dash of behavioural science comprehension? Are their goals resonating to the rhythm of your own brand ambitions?

And let’s not sidestep company culture – do you feel like wearing dancing shoes around them? After taking all these factors into account, don’t forget to consider word-of-mouth referrals. Hearing about their victories straight from recent partners can give you key insights on what they could whip up for your business.

So retail moguls out there, it’s time we step away from dependency on discounts alone and stir up our game by enriching our strategies through other enticing possibilities! Because when done right — this can be an absolute win-win situation that keeps customers hooked and businesses booming!

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