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Big Ed Brown Politely Asked to STFU by Girlfriend: Stop Being Pushy!


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90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown is on his second season of 90 Day: The Single Life, and his third chance at on-screen love.

This time, the unlucky lady is Kaory, with whom he was set up by a mutual friend.

After strengthening their bond, including running when gunfire interrupted their date, Ed wants to grill Kaory on how she feels about him.

She wants him to back off. Real love and romance blossoms over time, not on anyone’s schedule.

Big Ed Brown makes a normal face in Mexico

In this clip, Big Ed Brown and Kaory are having a talk, one that Ed hopes will be a serious evaluation of where things stand.

He asks her very directly how she feels about him.

Kaory admits that she feels “love,” but there’s a catch.

Kaory would like less pushiness

She explains to him that she does not want to feel pressured or pushed into anything.

“But you know when you and me talk about our relationship,” Kaory remarks.

She observes: “I feel high expectations.”

90 Day Bares All - Big Ed Brown admits wrongdoing

“People ask a lot,” Kaory generalizes, as if she is not specifically speaking about Ed.

“And,” she continues, “don’t allow things to be.”

She worries that his drive to analyze and gauge where they stand will spoil what they already have.

Big Ed Brown helps his mom pack the car

“I thought it was nice that Ed opened his heart to me,” Kaory tells the cameras.

“But,” she explains, “I think that a relationship is built.”

Kaory opines: “And to build it takes days, weeks, months, years.”

Big Ed Brown and Kaory flee from gunfire

Ed does not take the hint, back down, or otherwise respect the boundary that Kaory is attempting to express.

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He tells her that he likes her and that he feels a connection to her.

This attempt to completely ignore what she has said does not go unnoticed.

Big Ed Brown claims that he deserves love (The Single Life s2 preview)

Kaory fires back: “Can’t you just be quiet and let things happen?”

She tells Ed: “I need a little silence.”

Ed being Ed and showing his usual respect for women, he just powers through and keeps trying to talk to her.

Ed Brown on 90 Day Bares All

“No. Can’t you just be quiet?” Kaory adamantly tells him.

Finally, the reality TV villain seems to catch on that she doesn’t want to have this conversation.

She doesn’t want to do an in depth analysis of their relationship, and if they did one right now, Ed would not like what she has to say.

Kaory at dinner with Ed Brown

A flustered Ed then complains to the cameras about how he finds Kaory bewildering.

“I’m trying to understand, I really am, but it’s really confusing,” he confesses.

Ed continues: “So I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m into you, I like you, I think you’re into me, you know, let’s see where this can go.'”

90 Day Bares All - Big Ed Brown confesses

It may sound like we’re being a little harsh towards Ed here, and we are.

This is part of a pattern for him.

He ignores what the women in his life want, and then acts indignant and confused when they are angry about it.

Big Ed Brown got a bad haircut (The Single Life s2 preview)

Ed did this to Rosemarie Vega, lying to her for months and wasting her time before confessing his vasectomy plans.

Then, he did this to Liz, ignoring her desire to have some conversations private by trying to force her to talk about things on camera.

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Now, he’s doing it to Kaory. It seems to be part of who he is. We may never understand why Liz Woods is engaged to him.


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