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3 Golden Tips for a Green Lawn this Spring


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You know the feeling. As the birds start chirping, the days get longer, and the temperatures rise, the spring vibes kick in. Gradually, you feel the urge to spend more time outdoors and dive back into the garden. 

However, most people often find that their lawn looks quite battered after the winter. Think of excess moss, lots of weeds, or even numerous patches in the lawn. That’s why it’s time to give your garden more attention this spring. 

With these 3 tips, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a green carpet this spring! 

Tip 1: Opt for quality grass 

The first golden tip is to overseed your lawn with the best lawn seed after the winter. The lawn needs to recover from the cold and any moss growth during the winter. It’s quite possible that your lawn looks a bit thin or that several bald patches are visible. It’s crucial to reseed these bald patches immediately in the spring with grass seed. You can easily buy grass seed online. For example, at MOOWY. 

Now you might be wondering, what grass seed do I need then? That’s quite simple. MOOWY has developed a special recovery grass seed that will germinate very quickly on the bare/thin patches in your lawn. 

Once you’ve sown it, it’s important to continue watering the grass for a week. The first mowing will take place once the grass is at least 5 cm high. 

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Tip 2: Provide the right nutrition 

Spring means giving your lawn a boost to come out of hibernation. Spring fertiliser gives the grass a good start and stimulates root growth. An important tip when buying spring fertiliser is to look for a fertiliser that contains magnesium. While there are long-lasting fertilisers and universal fertilisers, it’s best to opt for a fast-acting fertiliser. 

Almost all fast-acting fertilisers you come across online or at the garden centre are formulated to contain magnesium for the green colour and rapid growth of the grass plant. At MOOWY, you can buy lawn fertiliser online that contains all the necessary nutrients for spring. 

Tip 3: Consistent and proper mowing 

In spring, the grass grows quickly. So, if you wait two weeks to mow, the grass blades are long, and the lawn looks messy. At that point, most people mow it short because it looks neat. However, what they don’t know is that they risk damaging the grass plant and reducing its resistance to drought and disease.

Therefore, it’s better to mow at least once a week. This way, it looks neat and trimmed, but you don’t have to mow too much at once. 

In short, this means: A regular mowing routine throughout the year benefits your lawn during the winter rest as the grass plants thrive well throughout the year. 

Hopefully, with these three golden tips, you have a good idea of the lawn maintenance tasks you can undertake this spring for a beautiful green lawn. 

Ready to undertake the rest of the garden as well? Then read our 8 tips to simplify garden maintenance. 

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Happy gardening!

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