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Biniyam Shibre Confesses on 90 Day Fiance: Yes, I Lied to Ariela!


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On last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ariela Weinberg flew to Kenya.

There, she met up with fiance Biniyam Shibre to try to repair their relationship … but first, to determine if it could be salvaged.

Ari accused Bini of cheating on her, based upon things told to her by his friends and his own sister.

In this sneak peek clip, Biniyam can no longer deny that he has made a habit of lying to her.

Biniyam Shibre chats outside (sneak peek 3x12)

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 12, Biniyam Shibre has to come clean.

He knows this.

But first, he has to see how bad the damage really is with a call to his sister, Wish.

After all, Wish was one of the people who told Ariela that he was going out with different girls.

Ari already knew about his house parties, that he had stashed away and hidden Avi’s crib, and of course about Bini turning off his phone.

But Wish, along with some of Biniyam’s friends, made sure that Ari knew that he was hanging out with more than just some buddies.

Biniyam calls up Wish to speak, only to learn that she is unwell, so he speaks to his other sister, Mimi.

Mimi confirms that she spoke to Wish about the same topic.

She knows that Biniyam was hanging out with other girls, too.

maybe Wish was mad at me about something else - Biniyam Shibre sneak peek

Biniyam is unhappy, in part because Wish told Ari instead of confronting him about it.

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He even speculates that perhaps she was angry about something else, and caused problems on purpose out of revenge.

Is that … what Wish is really like? Or is that just what Biniyam plans to tell Ariela?

Mimi reminds Biniyam that he is on his second marriage.

(He is not actually married to Ariela at this point unless the two of them are hiding something from us, but whatever)

She recommends that he fight to keep this one from ending like his last one did.

That was just one sneak peek of Ariela and Biniyam’s drama on Episode 12.

There is a second, and we have included a clip of that one in this article.

In the second sneak peek, Bini is speaking to Janice Weinberg, Ariela’s mom, in Kenya.

Janice asks him, point blank, if he cheated on her daughter.

Obviously, there was only ever going to be one answer out of his mouth at that time — “no.”

Unlike many viewers and Ariela herself (not to mention Bini’s own sister), Janice seems to believe him.

“Maybe she doesn’t trust me,” Biniyam admits to Janice.

This is when she asks a very fair question: why doesn’t Ariela trust him?

It turns out that she has a very good reason.

I would rather just hide things from her - Biniyam Shibre sneak peek

Biniyam then describes how he has made a habit of lying to Ariela.

About where he has been, where he is at the time, and future plans that he has made.

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He does things, knowing that Ariela will not like them, and then lies to her face about them.

I lied to her before - Biniyam Shibre sneak peek

Of course, Ariela sometimes learns about these lies and realizes that Biniyam has no trouble lying to her to avoid conflict.

This creates more conflict and adds a new element: distrust.

Biniyam is a grown man and a father of two, but he’s making a foolish relationship mistake that you might expect from a teenager.

Janice Weinberg advises no more lying - sneak peek

Janice tells him as much, if in kinder words, warning him that Ariela will never like finding out about things from his friends.

Bini should tell his partner what he’s doing so that she doesn’t have to be the last to know.

And while Janice doesn’t get into this … he should also, you know, be a good partner.

I wish I never lied to her - Biniyam Shibre sneak peek

Sometimes, that means not doing whatever he wants to do at any given time while ignoring Ariela’s wants and needs.

Whether it’s staying out clubbing, going out drinking with friends, turning off his phone, or attending numerous religious festivals, Bini does what Bini wants.

In fact … taking this trip to Kenya to salvage the relationship seems to be the first time that Biniyam has done what Ari wants.

There’s so much more to be said about their relationship, but Janice’s advice was simply to stop lying to her daughter.

Fair enough.

She also reminded Bini of how much Ariela loves him, noting how often she had cried about and for him during their time apart. Maybe he needed to hear that.

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