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Biscuit making equipment: A Product which drives the entire world


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One can never forget to ask for biscuits while consuming tea. Biscuits are a flour-based baked eatable item which is produced in a gargantuan amount of quantity globally. Biscuits contain high nutrients like vitamin A, K and C; calcium, iron, fibre and many more.

Typical ingredient of biscuits:

  • Flour, Oat, Ragi or jowar
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Baking powder
  • Milk
  • Eggs may or may not
  • Cheese
  • Herbs
  • Choco chips or nuts

Types of machinery or equipment used to make biscuits:

  • A dough sheeter/ Laminating system – It is primarily used to flatten the dough and give the required shape to the biscuit. The mixture is compressed between the rollers, and a consistent, levelled, and smooth piece is ready. It reduces the gluten mesh damages.
  • Tunnel Ovens – It helps in heating and roasting the dough before processing them to give it a crisp taste. During the process of heat, the size of the dough enlarges. The stainless steel finish provides proper safety and hygiene.
  • Wirecutter – It helps in the formation of pieces from the sticky dough as well as dough which contains bristly particles like nuts, oat flakes or chocolate chips, which can be formed successfully in the rotary moulder.
  • Rotary Moulder – While moulding, the dough is formed into different shapes complete with name, patterns, and the type and docker holes.
  • Mixers – The most crucial machine, it churns the various ingredients of a biscuit or cookies like flour, fat, sugar, water, butter, baking powder and other chemicals which are used in forming a soft, hard or fermented dough.
  • Dough feeder system – It takes the bulk dough at once from the mixers and delivers the biscuits by chopping them in a consistent and accurate shape.
  • Cooling conveyor – It cools down the heated biscuits until a temperature where it becomes feasible for packaging or consuming.
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Benefits of eating biscuits:

  • Rich in fibre

Digestive biscuits are an excellent source of fibre if one wants to avoid the consumption of sugar and fructose corn syrups. It is made up of brown sugar, butter, milk, rolled oats, baking powder, white flour and whole wheat flour.

  • High in antioxidants

Some biscuits like ginger have a high level of antioxidants, which are found in certain foods like garlic, red wine, coffee and green tea. It helps in eliminating free radicals responsible for cell damage and increased risk of disease. Therefore, regular consumption of such biscuits can prevent the occurrence of heart disease and cancer.

  • Special kind for diabetes patients

The consumption of ginger biscuits helps in regulating glucose levels and therefore, is recommended for diabetes. Ginger biscuits have no side effects, but one should moderate the intake to avert possible side effects.

The rising popularity of biscuits and biscuit making equipment has engraved the love for baking in the mind of the general public. Biscuits and cookies are snacks which are loved by everyone. Also, because it has easy accessibility, affordability and people are aware of this product even in the rural parts of the world.

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