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Blooket Play-an interactive learning tool – Join Blooket & login here


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Play Blooket  & learn while giving interactive quizzes while having fun. Before we dive into the steps of how to join Blooket or log into Blooket  (also pronounced Blue-kit), we must be familiarized with the new interactive tool and the motive behind the platform. There are an ample number of games that a teacher can create or play as a student. Here you have to answer questions while playing games which are a modified version of the Trivia games or review games. As a teacher, first of all, you have to sign up, and then log in to the Blooket Platform. Then you will pick up a set of questions and feed it to the game that will be exclusively chosen by you. Then the platform Blooket will generate a code that you will have to share with your students.

The students on the other hand will join Blooket by entering the unique code given by their teacher and playing the game alone simultaneously answering the questions within the game. Blooket joining or signing up is not a difficult task, it is very much similar to other platforms. You have to fill in the required details in a sequential manner and you can easily Join Blooket and simply log in when you visit the next time.

  • From the above information you now know that Blooket Play exists in two modes, i.e. for students and teachers and the functioning is unique in each mode. But there are some things that are common for the Blooket Play website such as their motive and mission. 
  • Their mission is to make learning fun and reduce the pressure on students as well as teachers. Students are often rewarded for better performance on the Blooket Play platform. Let us explore the details of the Blooket Play site in detail.

Blooket Play for students & teachers

Promotes easy learning – Students carry a load of bulky books even today. All the surroundings have changed but the education system still follows traditional methods of teaching and learning. Earlier students as well as teachers had long attention spans but with the advancement of technology, especially smartphones, the attention span of students has reduced drastically. Even college students nowadays cannot concentrate on a lecture for above 30 minutes. Teachers, on the other hand, have to attend to a larger number of students nowadays when compared to previous times. In such an arrangement the teacher is unable to personalize the issues faced by the students. So to eliminate all this, Blooket Play, an interactive and customized game-based platform has been designed so that teachers as well as students can reduce the pressure and make the best use of the Blooket platform.

Free community Platform – So far the Blooket Play site is free. You won’t be asked to pay either to the “Blooket Join” menu or the “Blooket Sign up” menu. Still, you have to sign up if you are a teacher and want to customize the quiz for students which will be only possible post you finish the “Blooket Sign Up” step. The same goes for the students as well, you only need to enter the code provided by your teacher and you can access the set of quizzes for free. The Blooket site has a strong community that mainly consists of educators and students and they all contribute to the site in their own way.

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Blooket Join

‘N’ number of ways to customize your riddle game – You as a teacher can customize the questions, game, picture, files, and much more according to your own interest. You will get three modes of “Creation Method” and those three methods “Manual”, “Quizlet Import”, & CSV Import, and then select Create. You can import questions on this platform. Based on your preferences, you can keep the quiz “public” or choose to be “private”.

Best learning method for students – After the launch of the Blooket Play platform, students now do not take studies as a burden. Gaining knowledge through fun will help students in exploring their abilities and develop creative mindsets. Since Blooket Play is a game mode for learning, it keeps students hooked up in studies longer. After the game is over, a detailed report of the student’s performance is sent to the educator and he will be able to figure out the areas of improvement in a child. Learning with this newly developed tool will help in mitigating paper waste and will benefit the environment for good. 

Working on the Blooket Game

The working of any Blooket Game can be summarised in a few steps listed below.

  • An educator will select the questions or choose to import from the Blooket Platform itself from their database. 
  • Then the educator will select the mode of the game that will be the perfect fit for the quiz made by him. Then the educator will generate a link and pass-on to the students. The maximum number of students that can take part in an event is 60.
  • Then the educator becomes the host for the game and students join him via the code provided by him.
  • Rest the students have to perform well in the game from the topic that has been taught in the class.
  • Then after the quiz is over, the teacher or the educator will receive the analysis of each child from where he can figure out the weak and strong areas of a student. 

How to Sign up as an Educator or Student? steps:

  • First of all type “Blooket” in the browser and hit enter. You will find the legitimate website for “Blooket” in the first initial results. 
  • Now, if you have correctly discovered the site, you will have the “Log In” and “Sign up” options in the top right end of the homepage.

Click sign up and a new page will open which will offer you two options.

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1. Sign Up with Google

2. Sign Up with an Email

  • Now based on your preference select any of the above two options. 
  • If you choose to sign up using Google, a new pop-up will appear that will give you the details of the existing Google accounts on your Chrome or other browser. From here you can select any one id and you will be signed up to Blooket as an educator.
  • If you go with the second option of signing in with an email you will have to enter the following details and click sign up. Do not forget to check the boxes before Signing up.
  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm password

Please note that the minimum age requirement for signing up on the Blooket Play site is 13 years in the USA and 16 years outside the USA.

  • As soon as you sign up to Blooket, it will ask you whether you want to continue as a teacher or a student. You have to select the “teacher” option here if you are one otherwise select the option of “Student”
  • After this, there will be some instructions for you that you should not skip. First of all, there will be a welcome message followed by the tutorial. They will elaborate on how a teacher can host the quiz in game mode on their screens or projectors while the students will join them and complete the quiz.
  • The quiz in form game is called Blooket and teachers in this platform get the opportunities to buy Blooket or sell their Blooket created by them. The Blooket team regularly updates games and features on their site with some exciting events and competitions.
  • For any further updates, you can follow the team on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How to “create” or “discover” a set?

Once you are done with the instructions, you will see options on your dashboard “Create a set” and “Discover sets”. Just below these two options, you will see a menu “Getting Started tutorial”. Select this option and you will be redirected to a Youtube video where you will get all the information regarding your query. Here is a brief description of the process:

  • You need to click on Create Set which will bring you to the page “Question Set Creator”. Here as a teacher, you can upload files, images, & urls and make a creative game for the students. 
  • Your creation method can be manual or CSV imported. You can also import from the Quizlet website. When you are done with all the activities select “Create” and your Blooket will be created. You can then share the link with the students or save the set for future reference.

How can I join a game?

  • You as a student have to enter the game with the help of a Game ID that will be shared by your teacher. Once you are in possession of your Game ID, you need to visit the site. The first option on the site clearly says “Join a Game”. You need to enter the id here and it will open the game for you.
  • Another method is first you need to log in and then in your dashboard select the “Blooket Play” option. It will again ask for the game ID from you and you can enter it to play.
  • What if you don’t have a game ID? Then in such cases, there are many games that are public. You can enjoy playing these games. For that, you have to select the “Discover” option from the dashboard menu. It will redirect you to a page with multiple Blooket options where you can also search for any Blooket from the search bar. Suppose you want to play History related quiz then you can search in the search bar and all the public Blooket will appear before you. You can select any one of the following results and play.
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Subscription model:

Blooket Play is free however it does charge a marginal amount for some additional benefits. You are aware that the basic version involves 60 students at a time so if you want to accommodate more students you might have to pay some amount here is the list of the subscription model and their features:

  • Starter Pack (Free) – Can include up to 60 students or players with unlimited sets and game modes.
  • Plus Pack ($2.99/month) – This can include up to 300 students or players with reports and early event access along with all the other features of the Starter Pack.
  • Plus Flex ($4.99/month) – More additional benefits than the Plus pack such as unlimited folders and extra bonus for students.
  • If you still feel that these charges are a bit pricey, then you can always avail of the Group pricing discount.

Blooket alternatives

Here are some other alternatives to the Blooket website that you can check for more games and features:

  1. Kahoot
  2. Nearpod
  3. Quizizz 
  4. Quizlet 
  5. Mentimeter
  6. Blackboard Learn
  7. Virtual Team Trivia
  8. MyQuiz
  9. Poll Everywhere
  10. Slides with Friends
  11. Trivvy
  12. Trivia
  13. Quizalize
  14. Covalent

Here are FAQs about the Blooket Play site

What is Blooket?

Blooket is an ed-tech company based in Phoenix, United States that focuses on reducing the load of students by educating them with unique methods of teaching through games. Here both teachers, as well as students, can open a free account and explore its benefits. A teacher can create games with trivia questions for its students where they will actively participate. In the free version, a student can accommodate as many as 60 students at a time while for those above 60, the teacher might have to buy the subscription. After the completion of each Blooket, the teacher will receive the stats about the performance of the students.

The students can enjoy many free games apart from their teacher’s games, and those free games are easily available in the public domain.

Is Blooket safe for children?

Yes, Blooket is completely safe for children. All the games that are designed in the Blooket platform are made keeping them in mind so it will be a rare occurrence if they encounter something out of context.

What is the minimum age for registering into Blooket?

Whether you are a student or a teacher, the minimum age for signing up on the site is 13 years in case you are a resident of the USA or 16 if you are a resident of some other country. 

How can I log into Blooket?

In order to log into Blooket, you need to have the Game ID provided by your teacher or you can log in yourself. Before logging in, you need to sign up first and the steps for it are explained above. When you sign up you can enjoy available games after you log in to your Blooket Dashboard.

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