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Which Students are preferred by Universities Abroad?


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Grow Well Consultancy has learned from admissions officers and international departments of universities abroad which students have the highest chances of admission to university for bachelor’s and master’s programs, and what influences a positive university’s admission decision.

They conducted a small study and made a survey among specialists from international departments of universities and admissions committees about which students they consider the best in admission and which students have the greatest chances to enter MBBS college Bangladesh.

Factors that influence the decision of the university to admit a student to the program:

  • Documents that are required for admission;
  • Student success, whether the university pays attention to grades;
  • How are the documents selected;

The application package is the first thing that a specialist in receiving documents sees, therefore, virtually every detail plays a role:

  • Competently completed registration form (all fields must be filled in).
  • Copies of Documents: Since most universities accept applications for admission online, take a look at the electronic copies you send.
  • E-mail address plays an important role. If your personal email address doesn’t sound official, it’s best to replace it.
  • Writing motivation plays a very important role. Pay attention to the university’s requirements for a specific program and try to answer why you will be useful to the university as a student.
  • Letters of recommendation are an important part of the documents on the basis of which the university makes decisions about the admission of a student to study. It is important for the university to know the opinion of colleagues, teachers from other educational institutions, the opinion of the student, his strengths and weaknesses. The recommendation must be objective and honest.
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Based on this survey, Well grow Consultancy experts want to share several recommendations:

  1. Do not submit documents to more than 5 educational institutions. It is enough to correctly assess your capabilities and choose 5 universities of which 2 will have a very high rating, 2 will be of an intermediate level, and one that you can enter with confidence (this is a fallback option).
  2. Submit documents as early as possible, do not overstretch. Universities abroad make a decision immediately after receiving the student’s application for MBBS in China.
  3. Submit the complete package of documents. Of course, you can always pre-send documents to the admissions office, but this fact makes a negative impression, as you keep people waiting. A full package of documents submitted immediately is a guarantee that you have already made the first impression of a serious student.
  4. Don’t call the admissions office every day asking for a decision. Do not ask stupid questions, ask questions only if you cannot find the answer to them on the university website. In this case, Grow Well Consultants advise you to work with them, they will give answers to all your questions.
  5. Pay attention to the letter of motivation. It should show your best side and it should show your value and usefulness as a future student. The motivation “I want to study at Oxford because the Oxford diploma is very prestigious” is not motivation. There is no need to prove to the university what they know about themselves.
  6. Social activity, participation in contests, competitions, any kind of volunteer activity is always a plus. Do not try to hide your talents, but be able to correctly highlight them.
  7. Literacy in filling out application forms is always welcome!
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Do not forget that every detail in the enrolment application package plays an important role. Another option is to contact Grow Well Consultancy Services as their counsellors are experienced in providing guaranteed admission to the Chinese universities.


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