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Bob Saget: Investigators Piece Together Late Comedian’s Tragic Final Hours


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We were all shocked and devastated by the sudden death of beloved comedian Bob Saget.

No one knew quite what to expect in the medical report, but no one expected his cause of death to bring more questions than answers.

Investigators have looked into some obvious possibilities and even considered some less obvious ones.

This tragedy can be explained, and we now know further details about his final hours.

A hotel employee spoke to People about Bob Saget’s last day alive.

On January 7, he checked in to room 962 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes.

At that time, the beloved 65-year-old comedian was vibrant, energetic, and full of life.

“He was cracking jokes, waving to people in the lobby,” the hotel employee described.

“When people asked for selfies, he would run over and grab their phones to take the pictures with them,” the report shared.

The hotel employee detailed that the beloved comedian was “joking the whole time.”

“He was a ball happy, positive energy,” the hotel employee characterized.

That was January 7.

By the weekend’s end, he had passed away. He was found dead in his hotel room bed on January 9.

The first reports simply shared that investigators did not suspect foul play or any involvement of drugs.

The medical examiner shared that Saget’s tragic passing was “the result of blunt head trauma.”

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It was the belief of investigators that it was caused by an accident.

However, medical reports said that the fracturing of Saget’s skull was unusually severe.

It was, they shared, more in keeping with the kind of damage that would come from falling more than a dozen feet.

Law enforcement spoke and confirmed that there were numerous unanswered questions.

Bob Saget’s final appearance on the hotel’s surveillance records showed him exiting the elevator of the hotel’s ninth floor.

He walked down the long hallway towards his room.

Investigators shared that he appeared to be in a good state, without any sign that something was wrong.

At 2:17 in the morning, he swiped his keycard, entered hsi room, and placed the “do not disturb” sign on his doorknob before closing the door.

The next time that his hotel room door opened, it was opened by hotel security.

Sadly, this was when he was discovered in his bed, having passed away.

Those looking into his tragic passing have assempled the evidence and constructed a working theory of what happened.

Obviously, given the severity of the injuries to his skull, investigators carefully examined the end tables and counters in the hotel room and bathroom.

These marble fixtures could be catastrophic in a fall, but yielded no trace of blood or of hair.

The current theory is that Saget must have lost consciousness while standing in the bathroom.

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If he fell backwards onto the marble bathroom floor, striking his skull directly on the hard stone, that might account to the damage.

He may have awoken, partially conscious, on the floor, regaining only enough awareness to stumble to bed … only to lose consciousness for the final time.

His time of death is estimated to have been at around 4 in the morning.

This was obviously a short time after he returned to his room.

Twelve hours later, his body was discovered by hotel security. A tragic, random end to a great man.


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