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Bristol Palin: I Wish I Had Never Been On Teen Mom OG


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Teen Mom OG has experienced quite a few cast shakeups over the years.

The most siginificamt of these was the firing of Farrah Abrham and the addition of several non-OGs, including Bristol Palin.

Bristol is kind of an obscure figure these days, but it wasn’t all that long ago that she was a household name.

Her mother, of course, is the infamous Sarah Palin, who became dangerously close to becoming vice-president in 2008.

(That’s not a political remark. Regardless of your party affiliation or your feelings on McCain vs. Obama, hopefully we can all agree that the Palin’s turned out to be as nutty as poor Honey Boo Boo’s family.)

Bristol’s casting was huge news when it was announced back in 2018.

Alas, the weirdest partnership in the the history of reality television was not long for this world.

Palin quit Teen Mom OG after just one season.

She offered no explanation at the time, but insiders claimed she was unhappy with the experience and the manner in which she was portrayed on the show.

In the years since her departure, Bristol has shown little interest in MTV’s flagship franchise, declining to comment on the various dramas that have unfolded in the years 

Earlier this week, however, the mother of three surprised her Instagram followers by revisiting the series and sharing her reactions on her Stories.

“Y’all, you’re not gonna believe what I’m watching right now. That is not me,” Bristol told her audience before panning over to her TV screen to reveal an old episode of TMOG.

“I almost forgot about all this.”

Okay, she’s obviously lying about that last part, but still Bristol’s reactions to her scenes are interesting.

 “I CANNOT!” she exclained before sharing another video of her TV screen.

“I really cannot,” she captioned the post, in case you somehow missed her point.

 “Y’all, we all go through struggles. I will admit it’s very weird watching it play out on TV, especially when you haven’t thought about this show, or even acknowledge that you’ve been on anything like this before,” she explained in yet another post, according to The Sun.

“It’s very weird seeing it in retrospect, I’ll be honest with you, but my kids are so cute so I think it’s special to see that. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Full circle. God is good.”

Full disclosure: We don’t know what it’s like to watch old episodes of ourselves on a reality show.

But, c’mon, Bristol this footage is only a few years old.

No need to cringe yourself to death like you’re re-opening your high school yearbook.

“Embarrassing, but let’s get reallllll,” Bristol wrote in a caption on yet another Story.

“New to Texas.. didn’t know anyone or have any support here.. no job.. 3 young kids.. and my husband had just left me..”

Okay, we get the need to justify her behavior, but Bristol did have a job at the time — she was a reality TV star!

Palin went on to explain that these days, she’s doing better than ever, and her newly-launched real estate firm is thriving.

“Full circle.. my kids are happy and healthy,” Bristol wrote.

“Have an incredible crew and together we have created a rapidly successful, and growing business. (helping over 70 families in the last 12 months alone)”

Full circle would mean that she wound up back where she started, but we’ll stop nit-picking Bristol’s comments and leave her alone.

After all, we’d rather have the Palins selling houses than trying to get into the White House!

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