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Britney Spears: I’m Gonna Celebrate My Freedom for the Next Two Months!


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Last week, Britney Spears’ long personal nightmare came to an end.

The conservatorship was terminated by order of the court after nearly 14 years.

Obviously, Britney spent the weekend in celebration mode — even more so than many of her fans.

She toasted with champagne and vows to continue celebrating over the next two months.

Free at last!

Britney Spears took to Instagram this week to reflect upon how liberation is treating her.

“What an amazing weekend …” Britney gushed warmly in a happy post.

“I felt like I was on cloud 9 the whole time!!!” Britney gushed.

She shared: “I actually got my first glass of champagne at the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever seen last night!!!!”

Britney then declared: “I’m celebrating my freedom and my B day for the next two months!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I mean after 13 years … I think I’ve waited long ENOUGH!!!!” Britney expressed.

She is right.

Britney also gave a shout-out to those who helped her through these dark times and have now helped her escape her predicament.

“I’m so happy my lawyer Mathew Rosengart came into my life when he did,” Britney wrote.

She acknowledged: “he has truly turned my life around …”

“I’m forever thankful for that !!!!” Britney emphasized.

“What a sight seeing so many people celebrating my victory,” Britney remarked.

She gushed: “I love my fans so much … so thank you!!!!⁣”

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Britney also noted that she recently found that she enjoys wearing shoulder pads and noted that Hailey Baldwin dressed as her for Halloween.

Britney Spears IG first glass of champagne post-conservatorship

As Britney’s caption suggests, there was widespread jubilation among Britney’s fans and supporters over the weekend.

Her liberation was not a sure thing, but it was a long time coming.

We are all relieved that Judge Brenda Penny ended this outrageous predicament and freed Britney from her gilded cage.

But does that mean that the fight is over?

First of all, Britney has a lot of catching up to do.

She is now free to marry Sam Asghari, her fiance, and potentially even have children — a desire that she has expressed in the past.

Meanwhile, Britney has expressed a strong desire to see justice done.

Many people have failed her. Many people have maliciously wronged her.

In addition to possible criminal charges pending further investigation, she and her attorney will likely look into civil action that she can take.

Likely targets could include Jamie Spears, Lynne Spears, and Tri Star founder Lou Taylor — among others.

Only a thorough investigation into the conservatorship from start to finish will tell Britney and her attorney what the options are.

If she wants to go scorched earth, she has the blessing of millions to do so.

Even if that investigation uncovers no criminal wrongdoing regarding her financials, Jamie is accused of having spied upon her.

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Bugging someone’s phone and recording audio of them in their home without their knowledge or permission is not a mild prank.

Reportedly, the FBI is investigating these allegations.

Finally, just because Britney’s fight for freedom is over does not mean that the laws and systems that allowed this to happen no longer exist.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not more, disabled people facing similar unfair situations — with no fanbase or celebrity spotlight to get help.

Until the laws change on a national level, this kind of horror can continue to happen.


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