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Britney Spears: I’m Thinking About Baby #3! Maybe a Girl This Time?


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With the conservatorship terminated after almost 14 years, Britney Spears is celebrating her freedom.

But even as she enjoys toasting her long-overdue victory, she is looking to the future.

Britney wants to marry her fiance. They may even buy a new house together.

And after years of having even her most basic rights denied, Britney is also considering having a new baby.

This week, Britney Spears took to Instagram to share one of her goals.

“I’m thinking about having another baby!!!” Britney revealed.

She shared a photo featuring the legs of a small child’s beside an adult’s feet.

Britney Spears IG - I'm thinking about having another baby!

As Britney spoke about the photo, she hinted at her thoughts on her third child.

She may be hoping to have a daughter.

At present, Britney is the mother of two teenage sons — Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline.

Britney’s fiance, Sam Asghari, was quick to comment under Britney’s post.

“I hope she has great calves like that!” he joked. “That genetic wouldn’t be coming from me #chickenleg”

Um, sir? We all have Instagram. 

Chicken legs?

Any chicken with legs like that is going to burst through the walls of its coop and lead a chicken rebellion.

But when you’re a fitness trainer and model with a body like Sam’s, we guess that you either make self-deprecating jokes or are utterly insufferable.

Sam would presumably be the father of any child that Britney might have at this point.

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We have ever confidence that their child would be at least as beautiful as either parent, so no worries there.

If you’re wondering why they haven’t had a kid already … it’s because it was not their choice.

During Britney’s conservatorship, she was fitted with an IUD — a smell device inserted into the uterus to prevent conception.

This is a very common form of birth-control. Those without adverse effects from it may prefer it from oral birth control.

The general idea is that these devices can usually be safely removed whenever the person wearing them wants to become pregnant.

Unfortunately, in addition to driving her own car, handling her own money, and freedom of movement, Britney was also denied her bodily autonomy.

Britney’s conservatorship refused to remove her IUD.

When someone is prevented from conceiving through medical intervention against their will, this is known as forced sterilization.

Even when Britney had a new conservator of person, Jamie Spears remained her conservator of estate until late September of this year.

During that time, he maintained control of Britney’s money — which meant that he had to sign off on any purchase.

As Britney’s advocates argued, this meant that he still exercised great control over her personal life — including preventing her from having children.

During her historic testimony in June of this year, Britney spoke about her desire to get married and have children.

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This echoed numerous reports from recent years.

One friend of Britney’s described a “Handmaid’s Tale” situation barring her from making her own choices. They were right.

Britney is 39 years old, which is not an ideal age for conceiving a child — but that doesn’t mean that it will be impossible.

She was already an amazing mother to her sons, showing dedication to not putting them outside of their comfort zones.

Even now, she respects their privacy and autonomy — not posting their photos or about them without their permission.

One of our favorite anecdotes about Britney’s role as a mother is that, like many parents who don’t work in STEM, her sons reached a point where their math homework was beyond her own level.

Britney’s solution was to hire a private tutor … but not for her sons.

Instead, she got match classes for herself so that she could then apply that knowledge to help her sons. That is above and beyond.

Britney and Sam have many plans now that they can, you know, actually make plans like adults without needing anyone to sign off on them.

We have every confidence that, together, they will take things one step at a time and go at their own pace.

Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a wedding, a home purchase, and even a pregnancy announcement in the future. They will be making up for lost time.


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