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Brock Davies: Yes, I Slapped My Ex and Abandoned My Kids … But It’s No Big Deal!


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When multiple Vanderpump Rules stars rightfully got fired following the … scandals of 2020, there were fears that the skeleton crew that remained wouldn’t be able to provide the sort of drama that made the show so popular over the course of the previous eight seasons.

Fortunately, the VPR Season 9 turned out to be pretty entertaining, thanks in large part to Scheana Shay’s reliably horrible taste in men.

Yes, this was the season in which viewers finally got to meet Scheana’s extremely-aggro Aussie baby fiance, Brock Davies.

Brock and Scheana welcomed a child together before filming again, so we knew a little bit about him from her Instagram posts.

What we didn’t know is that Scheana’s new fiance is by far the biggest loser she’s ever dated, which is really, really saying something.

And while much of this year’s Vanderpump drama — including Lala’s decision to dump Randall Kent and subsequent but not at all related breakup between James and Raquel — took place after filming ended, Brock’s insanity was right ther on the screen for all to see.

We learned, for example, that Davies has kids he hasn’t spoken to in four years.

Shortly thereafter, we found out that Brock slapped his baby mama, causing her to get a restraining order against him.

Any sane human being would steer clear of this year’s reunion show after being so thoroughly exposed over the course of the season.

But Brock is next-level broke after using five credit cards to pay for Scheana’s morganite engagement ring, and he’s really hoping to become famous enough to sell his lame workout app.

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So Scheana’s blunder from Down Under was seated right next to her during filming, and holy hell, did he make things even worse.

“When I left for America, my ex, we had an agreement that I would send money to her and that was our agreement. There was no child support involved,” Davies explained to host Andy Cohen when asked why he still hasn’t seen his kids.

“Once we went ahead and our relationship broke down even more, I immaturely was arguing with her about having access to the kids and that was when communication was stopped and she started receiving government support.”

Brock went on to explain that even though he’s blaming the situation on his ex, he still totally respects her.

“I found out about it 3 years later when they contacted me. I said, ‘I don’t know about this, I don’t want to be this person’ and I’ve been making payments since then,” he said.

“Because I respect her enough to follow what she set down, which was pay your child support and prove to me you’re a changed man.”

“He’s not caught up on the child support. He has to pay in full for her to give access,” Scheana explained on this dummy’s behalf.

Brock proceeded to explain away the incident in which he smacked the mother of his children (whom he hasn’t seen in years):

“I had a fight with my ex and I slapped her,” said Davies.

“Three years later that got brought up within a domestic violence order for me. 6 months later, I got to go to the court house, we had a court appearance and it got dropped.”

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“Brock, the fact that you’re minimizing domestic violence, that’s a trigger,” Lala interjected.

It was about time that someone spoke up to this dude, but perhaps fearing that one more person might be dersevedly fired from the show, Lala then dialed back her criticism:

“Brock has been nothing but a kind and loving partner to my friend,” Kent said.

“I should have been focused on my own thing, my head was in the sand.”

The segment ended on a smiles and sunshine note, as Brock assured his new friends that all is forgiven:

“It’s really hard for me to be angry with you on all of that because of where we are now. In the moment, you really f—ing did some damage and it really hurt,” Davies said.

And with that, we’d like to reiterate our long held belief that Vanderpump Rules should be canceled before its stars have the opportunity to do any more damage.

Do the right thing, Andy!


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