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Business Insights: How Data Can Help You Transform Your Business


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To thrive in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, you need more than a great concept or quality offering to set yourself apart from the competition. To do so successfully, you must have an in-depth familiarity with your industry, your clients, and your own company. Fortunately, because of the abundance of easily available data, companies now have far better access to the information they need to succeed.

Companies of all sizes have grown to rely heavily on data-driven decision-making because of the important insights it gives into consumer behavior, market trends, and internal processes. Data analytics allows them to better understand their customers, streamline these internal processes, and create new development plans.

In this post, we’ll discuss the value of alternative data and its ability to assist you in generating effective business insights. The data-driven decisions made by any company, no matter how big or little, will be the key to its success.

How Can You Generate Actionable Insights?

Setting clear business goals is the first step in generating actionable insights. What is your end goal and how will the data you obtain help you along the way? If your objectives and your data are in sync, you’ll be able to zero down on what really matters.

To get actionable insights, you also need to make sure you have access to the most recent information. This can involve using apps that gather business insights from your synced financial data. When you have access to data in real-time, you can instantly see what’s working and where you’re able to improve your company.

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It’s also important to use the right tools and techniques to analyze your data. This can involve using software programs like Excel or working with a data analyst who can help you interpret the data.

Alternative Business Data

Businesses need to keep up with a lot of information that changes really fast. They can’t just rely on the information they collect themselves. That’s where alternative data comes in, which is information that comes from different sources.

Alternative data can help businesses see the bigger picture and understand things like how the economy affects online sales of similar products across different industries. It can also help companies to figure out what resources and skills they need to stay ahead of their competition. 

There are many types of alternative data, including information about a company’s finances, products, employees, and reviews from their own employees. By analyzing this information, businesses can get valuable insights that can help them make better decisions.

Best Practices

Alternative data sources such as reviews, employee talent, company news, and financing agreements can help you gain insights into your company. But in order to get the most out of it, you’ll need to consider a few key factors such as: 

Setting Clear Objectives

Just like with any other business process, you’ll need to have clear goals of what you’re trying to accomplish with this data. A clear vision needs to be set before you start obtaining data and analyzing insights. This way, you won’t waste time working with irrelevant data that won’t help you achieve your goals.

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Choosing Only Reliable Information

Accuracy is also crucial. If your business insights are based on false information, it could have unintended consequences. Statistics show that poor data quality is one of the biggest barriers to leveraging data to produce corporate value, so be sure to choose trustworthy sources.

Identifying Who the Internal Stakeholders Are

Similar to a marketing strategy, before you start gathering data for your company, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of who your target groups are. These are known as internal stakeholders and can include management, sales teams, data scientists, analytics groups, and even the entire company.

To effectively share information with internal stakeholders, you may need to tailor the way you present it to make it more understandable for them. For instance, management may require a high-level summary, while data scientists may need to see the raw data to analyze it themselves.

It’s also crucial to consider the role that technical teams will play. They will need to have the skills to analyze and process large amounts of data supplied by alternative data providers. For instance, a company that collects social media data to analyze consumer sentiment may require data scientists to process the raw data and generate insights. In this case, the data scientists would be internal stakeholders who require the information to do their job.

Final Thoughts

While it takes precise information and analytical prowess to extract useful business insights, doing so can improve your company’s strategy and operations. The foundation of your company’s business insights might lie in establishing an internal structure that makes optimal use of this data. In order to achieve success, you must first assess your aims and find a strategy that fits them.

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