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Cable Conveyors – the Unsung Heroes of Material Handling


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You probably know that conveyors are basically the “roadways” for manufacturing and production plants. But not all conveyors are created equal. Read more about cable conveyors and why they’re often the unsung heroes in materials handling.

The Basic Mechanics

Cable conveyors work by dragging materials through an enclosed tube. Unlike traditional belt conveyors that carry stuff on top, a cable conveyor literally pulls the material through a tube. Imagine sucking up a smoothie through a straw, except the “straw” is the conveyor tube, and the “smoothie” are materials like food, pharmaceuticals, or even waste for recycling. 

Material Integrity

First and foremost, this “dragging” method is super gentle. Think about delicate food items like coffee beans or cornflakes. A regular conveyor might crush them, but a cable conveyor ensures they get from Point A to Point B intact. This is big for businesses that don’t want to compromise the quality of their product.


Cable conveyors are highly efficient. Since they’re enclosed, you don’t have to worry about stuff spilling over or getting stuck somewhere. Plus, they use smaller motors and smart energy resources to run, so they’re kinder to your utility bill and the environment.

Durability and Maintenance

No one likes downtime in production, right? Cable conveyors are built to last, often incorporating corrosion-resistant components. In layman’s terms, they don’t rust easily and can handle some pretty harsh environments. Maintenance is also simpler due to fewer moving parts. And if there’s an issue? Just pop open a section of the tube, fix the problem, and you’re back in action.

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FDA Compliance and Plant Hygiene

For those in the food or pharmaceutical industries, hygiene is a big deal. Because these conveyors are enclosed and easy to clean, they’re excellent at maintaining a sanitary environment. Many of them meet FDA guidelines, ensuring that you’re not going to get into trouble for contaminating food or medicine.

Design Flexibility

In any plant or facility, space is often at a premium. The good thing about cable conveyors is that they’re pretty flexible in design. They can turn corners, move materials vertically or horizontally, and fit into awkward spaces. You can practically build them like a rollercoaster if you need to!

Energy Conservation

Remember how I said they’re efficient? Part of that is how they use energy. These systems often run on smaller motors, which means they require less electricity. That’s not just good for cost savings; it’s also a responsible choice for the environment.

Waste Transformation

One of the coolest things about these conveyors is how they can turn waste into something useful. For instance, juice pulp or coffee fines that are usually discarded can be reclaimed and recycled. So you’re not just moving material; you’re also contributing to a circular economy.

Supporting Local Communities

A lot of cable conveyor companies make it a point to be good community members. They hire local talent and offer training, support local businesses, and make conscious choices to be eco-friendly. So by opting for these systems, you’re indirectly helping out the community too.

The Takeaway Or Why Cable Conveyors Deserve Attention

In a nutshell, cable conveyors offer a whole heap of benefits that go beyond just moving material from here to there. They’re efficient, durable, hygienic, and even environmentally friendly. If you’re in an industry that needs to move stuff—especially delicate or valuable stuff—these conveyors are worth considering. 

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So, the next time you walk through a manufacturing plant or food processing facility and see those enclosed tubes snaking around, you’ll know that they’re not just cool-looking pieces of machinery. They’re doing a crucial job and doing it well. If you’re looking to up your game in material handling, it might be time to have a chat with the experts at Cablevey Conveyors.

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