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Can College Grades Make or Break Your Career?


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Have you ever wondered if it really matters whether you get an A or a C in your mathematics exam? If you are shaking your head, you are not unaccompanied. We all are robotically chasing grades without knowing their connection with our career success. A student who gets brilliant results throughout their academic career is believed to be more successful in the future as compared to a student who fails to get good grades. But how true it is? Is it statistically proven that good grades trigger career success and high earnings? Some researchers have tried to explain the complicated relationship between academic achievements and career success. Read on to know what they found out!

A Complicated Liaison of College Grades and Career Success

The Nobel prize-winning economist, James Heckman, co-authored a research paper that describes personality as the most important indicator of success. Personality traits such as self-discipline and drive can greatly impact your grades and ultimately lead you to success. For instance, a disciplined student can have improved grades because they had good class attendance and turned in their assignments on time. Moreover, a driven student would do additional research for homework and seek learning resources to improve performance. These skills and behaviors won’t only help them excel in their academic journey, but also polish them for career growth and high-paying jobs. 

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Grades are substantially better predictors of success because they not only measure the subject matter knowledge or sharpness of a student but also capture skills and personality traits. However, even when there is a connection between grades and career success, there are still notable gaps. For instance, grades can’t measure your leadership and entrepreneurial skills, two traits that are crucial for running or managing a business successfully. Furthermore, your grades are not a predictor of emotional intelligence or interpersonal skills, which are critical for professional development and career growth.

No Matter What, College Grades Are Important

No matter if your academic achievements set you up for career success or not, your college grades are important, and you’ll be evaluated on them. For fellowships, internships, and job opportunities, the selectors will assess you based on your academic accomplishments. After all, this is the easiest way for them to sort candidates. 

So, How Can You Boost Your Grades?

If you are not inspired by Steve Jobs graduating high school with a 2.65 GPA, here is the secret for you to boost your college grades. Read the following hacks and raise your GPA more effectively and speedily. 

Identify Your Weaknesses

The first and foremost step is self-evaluation. Find out if you need to improve your grades in one subject or more. Make a list of all classes, assignments, and exams with their due dates. Use a calendar, so you never miss an important task. 

Ask your teachers how you can improve your performance and if there is any assignment to do for extra credit. Ask if you can turn in an outstanding assignment even after the deadline, or if you can re-do an assignment that you did poorly.

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Access Quality Resources 

If you yearn for academic achievements, never restrict yourself to the course books. Gather quality learning material about a subject or topic you want to master. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay for it. There are websites where you can access cost-free learning materials, including textbooks, textbook solutions, and invaluable information for personal and professional development. Find these quality resources and get free course books and reading materials to boost your knowledge and grades.  

Change Your Study Style

If you are studying hard but not getting the desired outcomes, you need to change your study techniques. Analyze what has worked and what has not. If you skip classes, be sure to attend all lectures intending to learn and explore new concepts. Create a study schedule and strictly follow it until you succeed. 

The Bottom Line

Academic achievements are not statistically proven to trigger career success and high earnings, even though they play a role in shaping disciplined and skilled students who can pave the way to success. And quality learning platforms like SolutionInn are also there to streamline students’ journey to academic excellence gearing them up with the required resources.  



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