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Canopy Tent – The Perfect Fabric You Need To Opt For


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So, this might be your very first experience when you are trying to invest some bucks on the canopy tents. With so many options available, you are pretty confused with the choices you have to make. So, the only way is to check out various kinds of fabrics used for manufacturing the canopy tent and then opt for the one that seems to be the perfect choice for you to consider. Without wasting any time further, let’s learn more about the best fabrics which are perfect for designing your best canopy tent for the upcoming event.

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The PVC coated polyester marquees:

This is one standard option for most of the tents and marquees as available in the present market these days. Around 80% of the customers are here planning for the PVC coated polyester as one major canopy material. It is because of their lightweight, low maintenance and economical features. The PVC coating on the tent will also make it resilient to some harsh weather conditions and also making it waterproof.

  • These PVC coated tents are always a preferable option because they are cheaper. When compared to the cotton canvases, these are artificially prepared fabric, which is cost-effective for making tents for regular usage.
  • Moreover, these materials are pretty lighter. So, if you are looking for a backpacking tent or portable instant tent, the PVC-coated ones are always lighter and less bulky when compared to their cotton counterparts.
  • These tents are often considered to be weatherproof in nature. So, if the weather is not up to your standard and if it rains. Then it will dry out quickly and will present better resistance against mildew, rips and mold. You can get this tent option in so many finishes, which will make them easier to clean and maintain.
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Get in with the canvas material:

Until all those man-made fibers become economical. The canvas was the major material used for the canopies for outdoor tents and structures. So, this is yet another material you can see while making the canopy tent.

It is a woven and cotton fabric and mostly treated with the items like paraffin to make it waterproof in nature. It can further be dyed differently in multiple colors. However, the main issue with this fabric is that it can become waterlogged, which in turn, will make it quite heavy.

Head on with the polyester one:

If you are looking for another man-made fiber. Which is used for a canopy tent, then polyester is the one to watch out for. It is noted to be one plastic polymer, which is woven into the standard fabric. Just to make it stronger and that will include the canvas too.

The polyester addition is here to improve the waterproofing. And also to stop the material from gaining that weight during rainfall.

Choose the one you like:

So, if you are actually aiming for the best fabric for your canopy tents, try to focus on these points right now. Things will work out in your favor well.

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