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Cassidy Timbrooks to Clayton Echard: F–k You, Loser!


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Cassidy Timbrooks just went ahead and spoiled some of The Bachelor.

In epic fashion.

On Monday night’s episode of this painfully scripted reality show, the aspiring wife confided in fellow suitor Sierra, telling this contestant that she was FaceTiming another guy while sitting in a hotel and waiting to film Season 26.

In the least surprising development ever, Sierra then passed along this infomation to series lead Clayton Echard.

The installment ended on a cliffhanger … with Clayton asking host Jesse Palmer if anyone has ever “taken a rose back before,” considering he had asked Cassidy to stick around after this week’s group date.


Consider this a Bachelor Spoilers Alert, we suppose, but we’re pretty sure Cassidy ends up going home next Monday.

We’re basing this prediction on some rather harsh words Timbrooks very recently had for Echard.

“I love getting ready for dates nowadays because it’s literally just me in the mirror, like, ‘Wait a second, if this man should be so f—king lucky,'” said Cassidy in footage recorded on December 31.

“And then I remember that wait a second, even though I’m about to be on national television, men still treat me like s—t, but that’s OK, that’s all right, because it is not for long, not for f—king long.

“Anyways, I think I’m gonna be a great influencer. I feel like I’m really entertaining — you’re entertained, right? You buy anything I’m selling you, right?

“Even if it’s complete bulls—t? I think so. Don’t answer that. It’s yes. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.”

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This video was filmed long after Season 26 wrapped up filming.

Later on, Cassidy went directly after Echard.

“I realize that I am normally being dramatic, but you were gonna give [Salley Carson] a rose even though she was engaged last week,” she says in it.

Meanwhile, I f—ked someone a few months ago and I got sent home.

“OK, no, it’s cool. No, I get it. I get it. I get what we’re made of here. I get the stuff that’s happening and go f—k yourself Clayton Echard.”

For the record:

Salley droppedd out of The Bachelor on the January 3 premiere after she confessed to Echardd that she wasn’t over her broken engagement, revealing that she was set to walk down the aisle the same weekend that production got underway.

“I didn’t see that as a red flag,” Clayton explained to Us Weekly about Salley earlier this month.

“I really liked what I saw of her. She was very genuine, cute. For a first impression, I liked what I saw. And so, I thought, ‘Hey, if I give her a rose, then she can go into night one [with] a relaxed mindset, not as fearful, not as nervous.

“And maybe after a few days, she’ll be able to kind of move beyond that state of mind that she was in.’”

Meanwhile, if it makes Clayton feel any better, it sounds like Cassidy isn’t a big fan of men in general.

“Men are trash,” she added in the December 31 video.

“You know, the more I think about it, perhaps I was being a little bit hasty when I said, ‘All men are trash.’

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I mean, all men aren’t trash — just, no, all men are trash. I said what the f—k I said. Goodnight.”


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