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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Todrick’s Plan Ruins Shanna’s Game


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Big Brother has never been a game about making friends.

It is a game about making alliances that last the game’s length to avoid being sent out the door before finale night.

Sunday’s new episode found Shanna Moakler in the hot seat following one of the most shocking displays of manipulation in the game’s history.

Shanna’s ally Chris Kirkpatrick made a risky move to save Carson Kressley, but it backfired, and the Nsync star was sent out of the house in a unanimous vote.

Shanna had been working with Cynthia Bailey and Carson, so the battle line between the two sides of the house was evident … or so we thought.

The endurance Head of Household competition was revealed to be the wall, which irked Miesha Tate because she was ineligible to compete.

Miesha’s only hope for survival would be Todrick Hall or Todd Bridges holding on for dear life and winning the competition.

Cynthia and Lamar did not last very long, but the final two was Todrick and Carson.

Carson is blissfully unaware that Todrick has spent his time in the house trying to get one of his closest friends sent packing.

Carson promised Todrick he would keep him in the game as part of a one-week deal.

That meant Carson could put Miesha and Todd on the block and send one of them home.

In one of the most mind-blowing moments in the history of the game, Todrick told Cynthia that Shanna was playing both sides of the house and wanted Carson out.

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It was a wild move and one that Cynthia should have understood was a ruse to save Todrick and Miesha.

Shanna was playing both sides of the house at one point, but she chose Cynthia, Chris K, and Carson long ago, explaining her decision to save Carson from the block last week.

It became a big thing with Cynthia parading around the house, declaring Shanna to be playing both sides.

Cynthia even went as far as saying that what Todrick said had to be true because Shanna had not been on the block.

It was … something.

Shanna has won two POV competitions and wanted to use them to benefit Cynthia and Carson, so it’s downright bonkers that Cynthia is buying what Todrick and Miesha are selling.

This whole scenario showed that Cynthia is unaware how to play the game. She’s not on the same level as Lamar, but she doesn’t know much more than him.

Carson believed everything because of his unwavering trust in Cynthia. Poor Shanna was left to defend her every move since Carson said she would be the replacement nominee.

This development also highlights that Carson doesn’t know much about the game, either. He has the power to break up the most powerful duo in the house, but instead, he’s going after his own ally.

In the end, Carson put Miesha and Todd on the block, and it looks like everyone is battling to get Shanna out.

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Celebrity Big Brother continues Monday at 9 p.m. on CBS.


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