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Checklist before Hire Office Cleaning Services Perth


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Every commercial place needs office cleaning services because the office is the high traffic area where usually people come and go. Commercial places need time to time and quality cleaning services. So, have you decided to hire cleaning services for your office? You probably know hiring a cleaning service is a big responsibility; if you are hiring for a commercial place.

You may find many office cleaning services Perth on the internet but need the right one for your office. Many office cleaning companies offer their service at cheap rates. Moreover, these companies claim their best services, but you need to be aware of scams. But how will you know you have hired the best cleaning services for your office? These questions puzzle the mind. 

To answer this question, you need to prepare a checklist before hiring an office cleaning service for your office. As offices are the most public as well as private areas. So, before hiring a cleaning service for your office, you just need to know a few things. These things are important for the safety of the office employees and valuable assets.

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Why checklist is important before hiring cleaning services?

When you prepare a checklist, everything will be organized in your mind. In this way, it will be easy for you to choose the best office cleaning services for you. In this article, an approved checklist is provided for your convenience to hire the experts. You have to keep these things in mind whenever you take assistance before hiring any cleaning service.

Here is the checklist!

Take complete assistance from an office cleaning service

Good companies provide complete assistance. This is the first step after deciding that you want cleaning services for your office. When you decide to hire one specific company for your office, it is good to ask about their services. 

You can schedule a meeting with the representative of the company so you can understand their service. Moreover, you can also tell them your demand and what kind of cleaning services you want.

Know about the team of employees

It is important to know about their employees. Whether they are experienced and professionals or not. Moreover, ask about their time because time matters a lot in commercial cleaning services.

You will feel good to hire the services that come on time and provide cleaning services in an efficient manner.

Do they provide insurance?

Office furniture and equipment are so important and expensive. However, no one can bear the pain of losing and breaking anything belonging to the office. So, it is necessary to hire a company that provides insured office cleaning services.

What type of cleaning services do they offer?

Assistant will help you understand what type of cleaning service they provide, and what type of services you want. Make a decision before you hire the service so that, in the end, you may not get triggered.

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What type of cleaning material and tool do they use?

What type of cleaning material and tool a company uses is important to know. Because it is concerned with your office. If they use harsh chemicals as cleaning products and tools that are not good for your office, do not compromise.

Know their service costs

Last but not least, ask about the costs the company charges for the cleaning services you want. Moreover, you can ask about their payment method, schedule of payment and etc.

Areas need to be cleaned

Entrance hall

Your entrance hall serves as the first point of call for your visitors. You want it to be bright, clean and welcoming all of the time. A clean work atmosphere is essential for everyone. Everyone benefits from a well-organized and tidy workplace.

Public areas (kitchen, restroom, washroom)

A hygienic restroom is essential in any company to keep people safe and limit the risk of germ spreading. The same is true for a kitchen or break room where employees dine. Even though no preparation of food takes place in this area, it is critical that it be free from hazards.

Cleans glass walls inside and out

If you have glass walls on the interior and exterior of the commercial building, they need to be sparkly clean. Moreover, make sure all the glass walls and windows are dust-free and shiny.

Office desks and tables

Desks and tables are the work areas where people sit and work. Therefore they need to be cleaned all the time. Moreover, furniture in the waiting room, office, reception and other areas should be cleaned.

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These are very basic areas of the office that should be sparkly cleaned all the time. You can also customise your cleaning services according to the area and places in your office.


The appropriate way to clean your office is to hire an office cleaning company. But, you have to decide which company is good for you as is it very important for an office. To ease your tension, this article can help you to hire a good cleaning company for you.

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