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Chelsea Houska Gets BLASTED By Instagram Commenters: Girl, Stop With the Botox!


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When Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2, she made no bones about the fact that haters and trolls were a major factor in her decision.

Chelsea had grown up in the spotlight, and she could suffer the slings and arrows of social media trash-talkers without complaint.

But her kids were getting older — old enough to access the internet themselves and see what these jerks were saying on a daily basis.

And so, Chelsea walked away from her cushy, lucrative job in the hope that she could put come distance between herself and the folks who live to put other people down …

… Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

If you follow her on Instagram, you know that when Chelsea doesn’t disable comments on her posts (as more and more celebs are doing these days), she’s often subjected to a torrent of abuse from her own followers.

Worse, the conversation often continues on Reddit, where Teen Mom-obsessed users will go off in lengthy threads devoted to the discussion of Houska’s appearance.

Over the weekend, Chelsea posted some sponsored content in her Instagram Stories, and redditors absolutely unloaded on her in brutal fashion.

As UK tabloid The Sun reports, “puffy” seemed to be the word of the day, as commenters expressed shock at the size of Chelsea’s lips.

And as usual, her complexion was also a hot topic of discussion.

“Why are her hat, face, lips and shirt basically the same color?” one commenter asked.

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“She’s so pretty but those lips, they scare me,” another observed.

“She does need a darker lip liner or another color over this one. This one washes her lips out,” a third chimed in.

“She is trying to be a filter in real life,” yet another one noted.

This commentary comes on the heels of recent allegations that Chelsea has been “blackfishing,” a term used to describe situations where white people artificially darken their skin, which is viewed by many as a form of cultural appropriation.

Some have even gone so far as to claim that Chelsea’s love of spray tan causes her to look out of place in family photos.

“I have said many times, she should just match her family’s color, it would be much better. And quit the filters and fillers,” one commenter remarked over the weekend.

”I’m surprised everyone still gets surprised when Chelsea has an orange fake tan. She’s been self tanning since probably 5th grade. Never going to change guys lol,” another joked.

Chelsea is no stranger, of course, to very specific criticisms regarding her appearance.

You might recall the explosion of insults that occurred when the former reality star took a trip to a California winery over the summer.

“What has she done to her face? It looks stretched from top to bottom,” one person wrote.

“Chelsea girl we need to talk about your face,” another added.

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“Whatever you’re doing to your face you need to stop quickly,” a third cautioned.

As we stated earlier, Chelsea has been in the spotlight for the entirety of her adult life, so the people making these comments probably believe that she’s used to being treated this way.

But can anyone ever get used to having insults hurled at them on a daily basis?

We think not.

Just something to keep in mind next time you feel like throwing a little anonymous shade on social media.

Together, we can all try to make 2022 a kinder, gentler year on the internet.


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