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Propiy: A Platform for Traders to Access Global Markets


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  • Are you a trader who wants to trade in the international financial markets, but you face difficulties in finding a reliable and reputable prop trading firm?
  • Do you want to trade with a large capital without risking your own money?
  • Do you want to have access to a dedicated server, a real-time analysis panel, a free prop trading challenge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then is the website for you. is a website that offers prop trading services for traders who want to access global markets. Prop trading is a form of trading where a firm provides capital to traders who trade on its behalf and share the profits. claims to have a team of investors who can help traders achieve their trading goals.

Challenges and Plans offers a two-step prop trading challenge for traders who want to earn a funded account. The challenge consists of several rules.

Level 1 Rules

Account type: demo

Broker: traders choose between supported brokers by Propiy

profit target deadline: 30 day

Profit target: 8%

maximum daily loss: 5%

Maximum loss: 12%

Minimum trading day: 5 day

Level 2 Rules

Account type: demo

Broker: Your Selected Broker

profit target deadline: 60 day

Profit target: 4%

maximum daily loss: 5%

Maximum loss: 12%

Minimum trading day: 5 day

Propiy Account Rules

Broker: Your Selected Broker

maximum daily loss: 5%

Maximum loss: 12%

Profit sharing up to 90%

If the trader passes both phases of the challenge, he or she will receive a funded account.

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Jetjump Service also offers a new service called jetjump, which is a no-challenge plan for traders who want to skip the prop trading challenge and start trading with a funded account right away. Jetjump is a subscription-based service that costs $99 to $970. The trader can choose from three account sizes: $10,000, $25,000, or $50,000. The trader can also withdraw the profits every month.

Jetjump is a service for traders who have confidence in their trading skills and want to save time and money. JetJump is also a service for traders who want more flexibility and freedom in their trading style.


At, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking feature for traders who choose the Propridge infrastructure: eliminating time constraints on our trading challenges. This significant update is designed to empower our traders with greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Understanding the pressures of time-bound challenges,, in partnership with Propridge, now offers an unrivaled opportunity. When you select Propridge as your trading infrastructure on, you are no longer bound by the ticking clock to pass your trading challenges. This means you can trade at your own pace, making decisions that are best suited to your strategy and market conditions.

Other Features

– A real-time analysis panel that shows the trader’s performance, statistics, and risk management.

– Online chat support is available 24/7 to answer any questions or issues the trader may have.

– A blog that contains useful articles, tips, and news about trading and prop trading. is a website that aims to provide a platform for traders to access global markets and trade with a large capital without risking their own money. offers a prop trading challenge, a jetjump service, and other features that can help traders achieve their trading goals. If you are interested in prop trading, you can visit and start your trading journey today.

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