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Chelsea Houska Thirst-Traps Fans in Curve-Hugging Dress!


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Even though Chelsea Houska’s return to reality TV announcement was met with mixed responses, she remains adored.

She is a true Teen Mom success story — not just finding financial security in fame, but actually getting her life together.

Chelsea married a total hottie and she and Cole have a beautiful family. All of this helped her to secure a solid fanbase.

Now, she is captivating her fans and followers with a curve-hugging dress.

Chelsea Houska is turning heads in the best way possible.

Her intention was to shine a light on her hairdresser, Landon Blow, in honor of his birthday.

She celebrated her heartthrob friend while getting hearts pumping herself.

Chelsea Houska IG tribute to Landon Blow

“Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person inside and out,” Chelsea praised.

She’s not wrong, but Landon has some stiff competition for that title.

Sporting this glorious hunter green dress, Chelsea drew eyes from her handsome friend to herself.

The dress has a tantalizing thigh slit.

It also displays her curves to great effect.

Finally, the deep green of the dress is flattering to both her skin tone and hair. We can’t get enough!

Obviously, most of the Chelsea chatter these days is not about the dress, no matter how incredible she looks.

Instead, it’s about how she and her smokeshow of a husband, Cole DeBoer, are plotting their comeback.

They are returning to television with a home renovation series.

Their new HGTV series is called Farmhouse Fabulous.

Don’t rush to set your DVR just yet, because it’s not coming out in the immediate future.

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The premiere is set for 2023.

The premise of the show is simple: viewers will follow Chelsea and Cole as they help other families to fix up their homes.

“We can’t wait to take our fans along this next crazy journey of building our business from the ground up,” she shared when the show was announced.

Chelsea continued, noting that this will be “with four kids in tow, showing all of the highs and lows on the renovation site and at home.”

Of course, it was the line about their children that drew backlash.

See, when Chelsea left the world of Teen Mom, she explained to fans that this was to protect the privacy of their kids, especially Aubree.

Aubree is growing up, and the realities of that franchise mean that she would remain under an increasingly onerous spotlight.

But now … they’re just returning to the world of television?

A lot of fans accused Chelsea of being a “liar” who left MTV just to do her own thing, and made up a story about her kids to do it.

Others, however, have offered an alternative explanation.

Different reality shows offer different contracts, some of which are more favorable than others.

Teen Mom, Real Housewives, 90 Day Fiance … these are shows where even the most unflattering moments might be shown if they are on camera.

In contrast, shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians gave the stars veto power over anything that aired.

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It’s entirely possible that Chelsea and Cole will have more control over how the show portrays their family and their kids.

A home renovation show won’t demand nonstop drama from any of its stars, which could make this healthier for their family.

It’s entirely possible to quit one gig for your children and take on another that is more favorable … but we don’t know those behind-the-scenes details. Yet.


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