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China Clearly Stated To Start a War If Taiwan Declared Independence


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China will not hesitate to start a war and fight any attempt at Taiwan’s Independence. The Defence Miniter Wei Fenghe had a meeting with his American counterpart Lloyd Austin in Singapore, after which the Ministry spokesperson Wu Jian said that: China would not hesitate to start a war If anyone dared to split Taiwan from China.

The two ministers clashed in Singapore, and Beijing has vowed to “break” Taiwan independence attempt. Washington has called on China to stop destabilizing the Island with self-government. Pentagon said that during the Shangri-Dialogue security forum in Singapore, the US secretary of defense refrained from any destabilization actions against Taiwan.

According to the Chinese Military of Defence, China would destroy and “break into pieces” any attempt at Taiwan independence. The Chinese Minister complained to the US counterpart about America’s recent arms deal with Taiwan. He warned of a possible conflict around the Island with its self-government that China considers its area. 

Wei Fenghe stated that the American weapons sale to Taiwan “seriously undermines the Chinese sovereignty and its security interests.” A Chinese television CCTV reported it. Taiwan succeeded China during the 1949 civil war, and now China is threatening to use force on the Island.

Taiwan recently received a package of weapons from the United States worth 120 million dollars. The US also announced that it is selling parts for ships to the Taiwan Navy. Austin stressed the idea of reasonably managing competition and making open communication lines. It is a statement given by the US Department of Defence.

China Stands Against the Taiwan Independence.

China stays firm o its decision to end every try to liberate Taiwan out of its control. As said in the latest salvo between the superpowers over the Island, China will “not hesitate to start a war” if Taiwan declares independence.”

During the first face-to-face meeting of Wei Fenghe with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin at the Shangri-La Dialogue security summit in Singapore, he warned the US.

Beijing’s idea of Taiwan as a democratic and self-ruled as its territory and vowed that one day it is gonna seize the Island by force if necessary. Due to this issue, US-China tensions have risen in recent months.

In the previous December, Beijing warned that it would take “drastic measures” in the case of a formal Taiwan Independence. This came a month after Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart Joe Biden that backing Taiwan’s independence could be like “playing with fire.” 

Wei warned Austin, “If anyone dares to remove Taiwan from China, the Cinese Army will not hesitate to start a war, reagrdless of the cost.” A spokesperson of the Defence ministry, Wu Qian, quoted the Minister and said this. 

According to the Chinese Defence Ministry, The Chinese Minister also vowed that It would “smash to smithereens any ‘Taiwan independence’ plan and maintain the unification of the motherland.” He clearly stated, “Taiwan is China’s Taiwan. And using Taiwan against China and to contain it will never prevail.”

US-China Tensions

Austin arrived in Singapore and held numerous meetings with his counterparts on Friday and discussed the matter.

The US Minister stated that the US is committed to its long-term policy towards Taiwan. He reaffirmed the importance of peace and stability in the area and opposed the unilateral changes in the status quo. Further, he called on the China to refrain from destabilizing actions against Taiwan. 

There have been aot of disagreements over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Washington accused Beijing of providing hidden support to Moscow. China has played a role and called for talks but stopped short of condemning the Russia’s actions. It has also repeatedly criticized America over the arms donation to Ukraine. 

Also, China’s claims over the South China sea have soared tensions with Washington. The Chinese claim almost all of the resource rich sea. Through this sea, trillions of dollars in shipping trade pass annually. Other competing claims come from Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

However, the warning from Wei to Austin is of serious concern. He said, “If anyone dares to reTaiwan from China. Then the Chinese army will definitely not hesitate to start a war regardless of the costs”. The spokesperson of Defence Ministery Wu Qian said it and quoted the Minister.

According to the Chinese Defence Ministry, “Beijing would “smash to smithereens any ‘Taiwan independence’ plan and retain the unification of the motherland.”

The United States and China have a lot of disagreements, and Taiwan is one of them. China wants the unification of its homeland and claims Taiwan as its part, while the US wants equality in the area by telling China to refrain from destabilizing actions.

Let’s see how things proceed and what China would do if Taiwan declares its independence.




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