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Chris Lopez: Kailyn Lowry Is Trying to Ruin My Life! We Never Even Dated!


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If you’re one of the few people still watching Teen Mom 2, then you probably know that Kailyn Lowry has a lot of bad blood in her life these days.

The current season kicked off with Lowry filing a lawsuit against Briana DeJesus, which prompted a discussion about the other major beef on Kail’s plate

Lowry claims that her most recent baby daddy, Chris Lopez, slept with Briana and that the two of them are essentially in cahoots against her.

Kail was more focused on Bri in the premiere, but she made time to repeat her claim that Lopez is a deadbeat dad who never makes time for his kids.

When asked about Chris by a producer, Kail replied that her ex is “not up for conversation, ever.”

We assumed that she meant that he doesn’t want to talk to Kail — but apparently, he’s more than happy to talk about her.

Lopez opened up about Lowry during a recent Instagram Live, and he kicked things off by insisting that the two of them were never actually in a relationship — which is probably news to her.

“I don’t even know if I could call it dating. I’m not being disrespectful,” he said.

“If you go back to what [Kail] said multiple times, [she] has called my situation an ‘entanglement.’ [She has] called it a situation. Just bein’ honest.”

He went on to claim that Lowry won’t allow him to film scenes with his sons for Teen Mom 2.

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“I’m thinking that I could film my kids on TV but then the mom [Kail] was like, ‘No, you can’t film the kids on TV,” he said.

“Then I reached out to the people, I was like, ‘Is that true? I can’t do that?’ and then they was like, ‘Oh, we don’t care’ is essentially what they told me.” 

These days, Lopez has a third son by a second baby mama, but apparently, he won’t be filming with his youngest, either.

“No, Trew will not be on the show, even though I had the opportunity to put him on the show,” Chris said.

“Me and [Trew’s] mom both agreed not to. Actually, his mom and him were both asked to be on the show.”

Chris went on to accuse Kail of sharing private information about his personal life:

“Ain’t that crazy? Nothing y’all have ever heard about me came from me…I ain’t tell y’all I was having a baby. I ain’t tell y’all I got arrested for domestic violence,” he said.

“Ain’t it crazy that the stuff y’all found out came from people who claimed they ‘loved me.’ Ain’t that crazy that you get hurt the most by the people who claim they love you?”

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Chris was the one who identified himself as Creed’s father, and he’s actually provided quite a lot of info about his personal life over the years.

“Was I having a baby with her? Was Trew her baby? No. She’s not involved in that,” Chris complained when someone in the comments pointed out that Kail has a right to talk about him publicly.

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“It wasn’t her business…no matter how you try to play it out, it don’t matter if Lux is his brother, Trew’s his brother, it wasn’t her business.”

When a follower pointed out that Chris spilled the tea about Kail’s pregnancy with Creed, Lopez insisted that he was innocent:

“I told you straight-up that my aunt did it,” he said. 

“When that happened, did I say, ‘Oh that was the right move to do?’ or did I have [Kail’s] back when that s–t happened? I had my baby mama’s back when that happened.” 

Chris concluded by addressing the fact that impregnating women seems to be his chief talent in life.

But as Lopez points out, it takes two to tango:

“Actually, these women wanted to get impregnated by me!” he said.

“If you want the facts! What are you talking about? I ain’t wanna impregnate no one! These women wanted me to impregnate them. They wanted my…nah.” 

Would’ve probably been a good time for Chris to talk about how grateful he is for his three sons, but maybe he’ll get to that later.


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