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Chris Lopez: My New Baby Mama Is So Much Better Than Kailyn Lowry!


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The news that Chris Lopez was expecting a third child came to us from an unexpected source.

Kailyn Lowry broke the news on Instagram, seemingly while she was feuding with Chris.

We’re used to all sorts of pettiness from these two, so it we weren’t shocked that Kail would do something totally inappropriate in some sort of misguided effort to take revenge on her ex.

But considering how Lowry was when Jenelle Evans announced her third pregnancy without permission, we were a little taken aback that she would employ the exact same strategy to take revenge on her baby daddy.

Kail v Chris

Anyway, when he first came on the scene, Chris was intensely private.

In fact, despite the promise of an easy paycheck, he had no interest in appearing on Teen Mom 2.

The shyness dissipated with time, and eventually, Lopez started allowing himself to be filmed.

These days, he’s sharing more than ever, which is probably much to Kail’s chagrin.

In addition to his time on the show and his podcast, Lopez frequently takes to Instagram to host Q&A sessions with fans.

His latest is the first since Lopez welcomed a third child earlier this month.

He sort of walked back his earlier comments which seemed to indicate that he likes this third kid better than his first two.

Apparently, what he meant to say that is that he likes his second baby mama better than his first.

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And given the extent to which he’s publicly feuded with Kail, we suppose that’s not much of a surprise.

Lopez says that this closer co-parenting relationship has enabled him to “experience more with the third one than I have with the others.”

As for the fact that Kail changed Lux’s last name to Lowry, Chris says he’s not a fan of the decision, but there’s not much he can do about it.

“My 3 kids were all born with the last name Lopez..ain’t much I can do if ppl decide to change it but my first born is the only one who doesn’t have my last name now,” he wrote, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“There have been periods of time where I felt like he doesn’t deserve to have his last name passed down but … in a situation like this, I don’t know what’s right or wrong,” Lowry said when asked about the situation last year.

“Maybe I should have just hyphenated both [of our kids’] names and called it a f–king day?” she asked her audience.

“When they’re old enough, they can decide which name they want. But I do feel like [getting the father’s last name] is earned.” 

Chris says he considers all his kids to be siblings, and he isn’t a fan of using terms like “half-” brother or sister.

“That’s [your] brother or sister regardless if y’all got different moms or dads,” he said.

As for how his older sons have responded to the arrival of a new baby, Lopez says the reaction has been decidedly mixed.

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“Lux normal with it he just wants to hold him and Creed gotta adjust a lil bit lol,” he said.

“Lux was holding the baby and Creed was not with it like trying to pull Lux away other than that he just stares at him and talks that baby talk to him.” 

Chris ended the Q&A session by responding to a fan’s question about whether he’ll ever tell the full story of his relationship with Kail.

Chris Quote

“I hated myself, the end,” Lopez replied.

We suppose you have to admire his brevity.

Although he might want to stretch the story out a bit if he wants to keep getting those MTV checks.


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