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Christine Brown SLAMS Kody: What a Lying Ass!


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Christine Brown is done being a sister wife.

But she’s certainly not done trashing her former husband!

It makes sense — Kody, as we’ve been seeing on Sister Wives, has been getting more and more unbearable as the years go on, and in the current season, his unpleasantness is truly off the charts.

In the most recent episode, fans of the show were shocked and dismayed to hear the way he spoke to and about Ysabel, the daughter he shares with Christine, in regards to her scoliosis surgery.

He had been against the surgery for a while, even as her scoliosis worsened, and when Christine told him how much pain she was in and how badly she needed the surgery, he told her that he hadn’t realized it was that bad.

Then when the surgery was scheduled at a hospital in New Jersey, he refused to go with her so that he wouldn’t have to be away from Robyn and their children.

When he talked to Ysabel about missing the surgery, he didn’t give her a chance to share how she really felt about it, instead trying over and over to make her say that she understood and that she was fine with it.

He even had the nerve to ask her if she’d grow up to become “a bitter old housewife” because of the trauma of her father missing such a huge event in her life, which was really just despicable.

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It was really just a nasty way to treat someone, especially his own daughter, and it seemed like Christine agreed.

Lots of viewers think that the way Kody handled Ysabel’s surgery was the last straw for her.

But in the moment, Christine actually said that she was glad Kody didn’t go with Ysabel for her surgery.

“Kody and I are not getting better,” she admitted in a confessional. “It’s been bad for a long time.”

“I would love it if Kody could come for Ysabel’s sake, but for me, I don’t care that he’s not going to be there. I think us being separated for this month might be good.”

At other points in the episode, she had even stronger words for him.

Another big issue between them this season has been her strong desire to move back to Utah to be close with her older children and her parents. Kody, meanwhile, wants the family to stay put in Arizona.

“Kody and I are struggling more than ever before,” Christine revealed to the camera. “The thought of living here on the property and seeing him in full functioning marriages — do I want that?”

“No. The best I can give today is just to pretend.”

Kody did apologize for shutting down her talk about moving and told her that he was “trying to be stoic,” which really seemed to bother her.

“That’s a stupid word he’s using,” she complained back in the confessional. “Stoic? Bullsh-t. He was an ass. Whatever, you wish you were stoic.”

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“I don’t want to be here,” she continued. “I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t trust a word that’s coming out of his mouth. I don’t believe him that he’s sorry.”

Not the kind of thing a wife says about her husband in a loving, healthy marriage, huh?

Kody kept trying to talk to Christine about why she wanted to move to Utah but she ended up shutting the conversation down by telling him that “this is not a safe conversation anymore” and that the conversation wasn’t safe because Kody wasn’t safe.

As she explained it later, “He’s not even my friend right now. Why would I talk to him about things that are close to my heart if he’s not even my friend?”

“It feels like a bit of a crossroads.”

She sure was right, huh?

The episode was filmed last fall, and it wasn’t until this November that Christine announced that she’d left Kody, so it feels like we’ll have several more episodes in which we’ll witness their marriage just absolutely falling apart.

Who’s excited?


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