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Comprehensive Guide to Playing Aviator Real Money Game


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Aviator, the most epic casino game among recent drops, has won the gambling community’s heart while letting it win money. I’ve been playing it almost since the release day, and I still turn to it when my brain demands thrills and my bankroll requires a fast reload. 

You’ve missed a lot if you don’t know this game… So, I’ll tell you everything to pinpoint! 

What is the Aviator Instant-Win Game? 

Aviator is a classic instant-win, aka crash, game developed by Spribe, an Eastern European team of creators with over 15 (!!!) licenses for fairness. The Jogo Aviator adopts the shape of a plane designed in the retro style of the 80s, featuring a black background with a red airplane at the center. 

The plane takes off and soars higher and higher until it ultimately disappears from view (“flies away”). The higher the plane soars and the longer it flies, the larger multiplier you can obtain. 

The goal? Your task is to predict when the plane is more likely to get lost in the sky and cash out BEFORE it does that, or else you lose the bet! 

Hence, be cautious — timing is vital in this game of risk and reward! Stay alert, analyze the round outcomes, and only bet what you can lose without the negative effects on your life. 

Provable Fairness Guaranteed 

What makes the Aviator unique is the Provably Fair system. How does it work? Like with most online casino games, RNG (Random Number Generator) is the solution here. Plus, the operator generates a server seed value hashed in the Provably Fair setting in the user menu. The server seed is viewable before each game round begins — I recommend checking it to ensure a game isn’t rigged if you play in a casino you’re unfamiliar with. 

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The three first players are responsible for generating a client seed value. The round result is determined by the values of the first three players at the beginning of the round. 


Spribe states that Aviator has an average RTP of 97%, meaning that the game returns 97% of the total bets in the long run. Nevertheless, that % is not that important since the developers always use simulations with BILLIONS of rounds before determining the RTP. 

In my practice, it feels like Aviator is a 102% RTP game. Even in the unluckiest scenarios, you can usually easily return your losses with a couple of big lucky bets. Even without data on its SRP, I can say that Aviator is a HOT — super rewarding! — game. 

In-Game Chat 

On the left side of the game screen, you can find the in-game chat available to all players. There, you can engage in real-time conversations and receive important information from moderators. The chat feature adds the thrill to the gameplay — you can interact with fellow gamblers, share personal experiences, and even find working strategies. 

Live-Bet Statistics 

One of the most useful Aviator features is the live-bet statistics. There you can find the information about the last game, who has won the round, the size of bets, and the coefficient played. Such statistics help a lot in building a working strategy and allow players to make informed decisions. 

How to Play the Aviator Game 

Are you ready to become a pilot? Then follow these simple steps: 

  1. Search for a reputable gambling platform, like 7BitCasino that provides a licensed Aviator. Create an account and deposit funds using the payment method you find the most convenient. 
  2. Find the Aviator game and select the Real Money mode. Set the betting size you are comfortable to play. You have the option to make one or two bets simultaneously. Make sure your strategy is logical and correlates with your bankroll. 
  3. Cash out strategically to secure winnings. You need to press the cashout button when the plane reaches its peak. Timing is vital in crash games, so exercise caution and don’t be greedy. 
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Best Aviator Game Strategies 

There are as many strategies as there are players at Aviator. Still, they can be divided into three main groups: 

  • A long flight on a small bet. The logic behind the strategy is that it’s not a pity to lose a small bet. The bet is designed so that small losses could be covered by a huge win obtained from the multipliers of 10-15 that happen once in 10-15 flights. 
  • A long flight on a large bet.  Being opposite to the first strategy, the bets placed are high and are cashed out before the multiplier of 1.5 when the probability of losing is small. 
  • Combined bet. Thanks to the opportunity to make two bets simultaneously, players can combine the previous two strategies and see which of them works better.

Final Thoughts  

Time to fly to the skies of riches! I hope my 3-minute guide gives you the answers you need. Stay vigilant, enjoy your sessions, and fly high. The best of luck to you and all Aviator players!

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