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Best Couch Covers According to the Different Climatic Regions


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Snow or unexpected rain can cause permanent damage to your couch covers. Prolonged exposure to sun and heat will fade the color of the couch fabric destroying the look of your beautiful couch. Some people prefer to keep their couches in storage when not in use but don’t you think doing this will be a waste to your investment and dragging a big couch indoors when not in use, and again dragging it back outdoors and cleaning it before reuse will cost both your time and energy. So the best is to use couch covers. Buying the best couch covers will protect your outdoor couches from all the harsh weather elements throughout the years. In this article, we will discuss what couch covers are best according to some climatic regions.

Couch Covers for Mediterranean Climate

Mild winters and scorching heat are usual features of a Mediterranean region. If you live in a Mediterranean region, then having a good quality couch cover is essential. In such climatic conditions, couch covers. That are both waterproof as well as will protect your couch from extreme heat are the best. Besides those, the couch cover that you will buy should also have good ventilation to prevent mold and mildew. If possible, use protective sprays as they will help you to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Tropical Climate

Places like Southern Florida, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands are located in this region. To protect your couch from a subtropical climate, you must get a couch cover that can withstand extreme temperatures, heat, and plenty of moisture. Again here also the cover that you will choose should have good ventilation to enable proper air circulation.

Humid Subtropical Climate

According to Mindat, humid subtropical climatic regions do not have any significant difference between seasons and there are no dry months in summer. Places like Texas, Georgia, etc are located in this type of region. As the weather remains mostly humid, your couch cover should have immense capability to withstand extreme moisture conditions and have good ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation inside the cover. The humid weather makes mold and mildew very frequent, you should develop a habit of regularly cleaning your couch and its cushions to prevent mold growth. It will be better to move your couch indoors in case you are going to stay away from home for a long time.

Oceanic Climate

Places located in regions having oceanic climates are likely to receive a lot of moisture and low temperatures during the autumn, winter, and spring. Mainly, Southeast Alaska, Washington, and Oregon are located in this type of climatic region. So if you are from one of these places then applying couch covers will not be enough to protect your couches, you also have to move your couches indoors especially, during cold and wet months.


These are some places and their climatic behavior and type of couch covers. That you require if you reside in one of these places. Always remember, irrespective of the climate, if possible. It is better to allot a separate place for storing your couches when not in use.


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