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A guide to cleaning your favorite headwear


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If you possess a hat, it is inevitable that it will get spoiled and will surely become messy someday. If you want to utilize your favorite hat for the next adventure of your life, then cleaning is vital to get a fresh and tidy look. When you are about to get your headdress clean, there are certain things that you should remember. First, it is vital to pay attention to the hat’s material since different materials must get cleaned differently.

According to its unique structure, you must clean your headdress to ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate while cleaning. Cleaning a woolen hat or a beanie requires some tips and tricks. In this handy guide, you will learn how to clean different hats to give them a classy look to revamp your favorite hat. Specific solutions and techniques become mandatory to bring it to life again.

Laundering wool headdresses

It is critical to understand the techniques behind cleaning a woolen hat. For cleaning a woolen hat, you will need a delicate bristle brush to eliminate the dust particles. You will also require a vapor cleanser or a powdered cleanser if you have a very soft hat. Brush counterclockwise the upper and lower part of the woolen headdress to remove all the dust particles.

Make sure that it doesn’t lose its shape by hanging from the hook. If your hat has got wet, let it dry if possible, put it under the sunlight, and then lightly brush the hat again. Steam should be used for cleaning and maintaining the shape of your hat. If the stain has badly damaged it, then you are required to use powdered cleaner.

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Tidying straw headdresses

If you have a straw headdress, you must maintain your hat daily to keep it in good condition. If your hat has caught a difficult stain, then you should invest in a good straw hat cleanser to get your hat free of dirt, dust, and other polluting substances. You can also give your straw hat a deep clean by using household products such as window cleaner.

You can preserve your straw hat when you sponge lightly to remove specific stains using a window cleaner. For maintaining the shape of your headdress, you need to hang your hat with a hook. 

You must keep your hat away from getting soaked in a heavy downpour. But if, by chance, your straw hat gets wet in the rain, you must remove excess water by wiping it with a dry cloth. Then keep your straw hat on a level surface to get it dry. You can give steam to your hat if it gets deformed.

Cleaning leather hats

Leather is a material that is very hard to clean, but if you invest in a good cleaning substance, then it will persist in good condition. You must keep it away from water and heat to maintain it for years. It would help if you also avoid harsh soap when cleaning your leather hats. If you condition your headdress, then it will be ready for use in any season. Please don’t keep your leather outback hat in direct sunlight for an extended period, or else it will shrink in size.

Washing cloth headgears

Fabric hats can remain easily maintained, and you may clean them effortlessly by using a brush and water. If your fabric hat has a layer of wax on it, then you can merely clean it when it gets dirty.  You can maintain parts made of cloth with the help of a damp handkerchief. If there is a tough pigment on it, then you have to use a powdered cleaner.

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Tidying up suede leather headdresses

You will have to learn about cleaning your valuable suede leather hats to ensure that it stays in the best condition. You will need certain things such as suede leather hats, stiff bristle brushes, and a handkerchief for cleaning suede leather hats. You may also require household cleaning products for cleaning your leather hat.

If you want your favorite and valuable headdress to last for a long time, you should keep it in a hatbox. Some hats may shrink when exposed to extreme heat, so it is better to avoid the intense heat. 

You must clean your hat with care if you don’t want to damage it. First, understand the fabric of your headwear to understand the type of cleaning that is mandatory. You must keep your hat away from moisture. Everything requires maintenance; similarly, even hats require maintenance. If you do not maintain your headwear, they will lose shape quickly. Therefore learn how to keep your expensive head accessory. Hats are a fashion investment, and you cannot waste them due to improper maintenance. If you know simple cleaning procedures, you can save these fashion accessories for a long time. 


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