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Cryopreservation of female egg – expectations and outcomes


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The egg freezing processor oocyte cryopreservation helps to preserve the eggs or oocytes of a woman by retrieving, freezing, and storing them. It is also described as a method for preserving the reproduction potential in women of appropriate reductive age. The first human birth through frozen eggs was in 1986. There are numerous benefits of frozen embryo transferas the process has massively advanced over the last few years. This procedure is not an experimental method anymore and leads to potential fertilization, improved gamete survival, and live birth rates.

Definition of Cryopreservation or egg freezing process

During the procedure of egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation, doctors inject medicines to stimulate egg growth. After some time, the doctors harvest the eggs from each ovary and freeze them for storage. Later, they can combine these eggs with the sperm to fertilize an embryo. Through the embryo transfer process, the doctors will implant it inside the uterus. One of the best benefits of frozen embryo transfer is egg donation. In this process, the donor will donate their eggs to someone else during their fertility treatments. 


Is it worth investing in freezing the eggs?

Getting the eggs extracted and storing them for future use is one of the best chances of conceiving in the future. It is particularly helpful for people going through severe endometriosis or chemotherapy treatment, gender-affirming surgery, or suffering from any autoimmune diseases. So, it is worth investing in oocyte cryopreservation for the future.

What should you expect from the egg-freezing procedure?

Before going for the egg-freezing process, you should expect the following.

Do not take hormonal birth-controlling pills.

Hormonal birth control pills might have an impact on the fertility assessment result and suppress the medication response in the patient’s body during the egg-freezing procedure. If the patient is using any non-hormonal alternative like copper IUD, then they do not have to remove it. That’s because this option does not prevent ovulation or change the hormone level of a person. 

Testing and starting the fertility medicines

The egg-freezing process begins with an initial doctor consultation at the best fertility clinic. Then, the donor has to go through testing to diagnose their overall health and reproductive results. Next, the patient has to start taking fertility medicines daily to help in maturing numerous eggs for retrieval. To know the hormone level changes and the follicles’ growth, the doctor will further do some tests. 

When the follicles are ready, you have to take a hormone-triggering shot for the eggs to go through the final maturation phase. Then, with the help of surgery, the doctor will retrieve the eggs and ultimately carry out the egg freezing process

Frozen Embryo transfer Cycle 

The egg-freezing process is just the initial phase, and IVF is the next stage for having a hale and hearty child. The benefits of frozen embryo transferare you can use your frozen eggs later, thaw them, fertilize them with your partner’s or donor’s sperm in a laboratory, form an embryo, and finally transfer them into the uterus without difficulty.  

Outcomes of cryopreservation

The outcomes on the success rate of cryopreservation are high. It is particularly applicable for egg donors, who are healthy and young women between 20 to 30 years old. It is the primary time for freezing their eggs. One of the primary benefits of frozen embryo transfer is that women above 40 years or more can use these eggs during their IVF treatment. There is much proof of the success of cryopreservation, and it can deliver healthy and normal babies like freshly retrieved donor eggs.

End words

With the help of the egg-freezing processyou can call a timeout on your biological procedure. The high success rates of the procedure offer a healthy child even when their fertility is not at the highest peak. Nobody can guarantee the future; however, freezing the eggs can improve the conceiving chances even when you are older. 

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