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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Outsourcing in China: A Comprehensive Guide


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Products from China are often considered to be of low quality, but this is not continually the case. Many Chinese companies have supported heavily advanced equipment and technology to produce high-end injection molded parts.

Outsourcing Custom Injection Molding: How Does It Perform?

Outsourcing custom injection molding to China may be cost-effective based on several factors, including the rate of your tooling company, China’s political climate, the need for manufacturing products, and transportation costs.

Outsourcing companies provide businesses with benefits they would normally execute in-house, such as custom injection molding.

Outsourcing of injection molding parts is primarily done to decrease costs, especially labor costs – which play a major role in this decision.

What are the benefits of choosing China for your injection molding needs?

  1. Negotiable, cost-effective pricing
  2. High productivity and fast turnaround times
  3. Produces polished, complex products.
  4. Advanced Plastic Parts and Machinery
  5. Sell your products to local Chinese customers.
  6. World-class production support

Negotiable, cost-effective pricing

Many companies choose China as their manufacturing hub for plastic injection-designed products due to its cost advantages that reach other global regions. This can result in significant reductions in work costs, sometimes by as much as 80%. The extent of these cost savings depends on the complexity of the product design. Simple designs often achieve greater labor cost reductions than more complicated products.

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High productivity and fast turnaround times

Injection molding companies in China are known for their large production capabilities and efficient turnaround times. They can handle bulk orders and deliver them within a proper time frame. This efficiency is not only due to their cheap labor but also the ability to expand the force when needed.

Produces polished, complex products.

When it comes to accurate plastic injection molding, you can achieve highly polished and intricate products. Many companies in the country deliver their clients with detailed and customized templates.

These molds are placed in special equipment that moves to mass-produce plastic products. This material is highly compressible, making it easy to make plastic parts with intricate details and designs.

Advanced Plastic Parts and Machinery

China injection mold can mix or inject a mixture of advanced plastic materials into a single mold during the injection molding process. This allows them to meet their client’s specific needs in terms of plastic material selection, each with its own individual composition and strength properties.

For example, a client may require a plastic part that requires both high-impact opposition and a smooth, glossy finish. In such a case, the molder can inject the mold with two other types of advanced plastic materials. One plastic material may offer the expected strength and impact resistance, while another may deliver the desired surface texture and appearance.

Sell your products to local Chinese customers.

China’s population of over 1.4 billion makes it one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. Choosing to manufacture plastic products in China goes further efficient production entering this large and dynamic market is a smart move.

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This allows businesses to reach a wider range of possible customers with different tastes, tastes, and purchasing power. A clear factor is the diversity of the Chinese consumer market, which includes different demographics, from tech-savvy urban millennials to older citizens of rural areas. This means that companies can tailor their products to precise customer profiles and regional differences.

World-class production support

More than just paying for their manufacturing benefits, partnering with an injection molding company in China gives businesses access to useful resources, equipment, and the working culture overall in the industry. This exposure to their work ethic and culture-specific to plastics manufacturing can give your business a benefit that is often overlooked by others.

Moreover, hiring them is more than just hiring a third-party service. They become your business partner, not only offering outstanding product support but also building a professional connection with you. This partnership is a collaborative effort where the Chinese company actively works with you to understand and fulfill your business needs.

What is a 3D-printed injection mold?

A 3D-printed injection mold is made from plastic polymers such as ABS and polyethylene, using one of a variety of 3D printing technologies. The choice of 3D printing technology mainly relies on the material makeup of the mold, the properties, and the needed mold precision. 3D printing plastic molds is an affordable process that is highly suitable for a variety of designs. Additionally, mold-making is quicker. As a result, the overall prototype and part production process concerning injection molding is faster.

3D printing molds for injection molding

3D printing for injection molding is only achievable by understanding the process and the desired configuration. Below is a summary of the process and available layout.

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3D printing a mold is distinct from traditional 3D printing. In traditional 3D printing, the moment the printer stops, you have your part. However, there is a distinction in 3D printing molds which is explained in the steps below.

Create Design: Create a mold scenario using CAD software. Make sure the mold is designed as the reverse of the final object. Popular software proper for this process are AutoCAD and Fusion.

Export design file: Convert CAD model to STL file design and slice using slicing software.

Print the mold: Print the mold layer by layer using the 3D printer layer by layer.

Metal Frame: Fit the molds into the metal stands to start the injection. However, this depends on the preferred configuration of the mold highlighted below.

3D printing companies are disappearing 

For the better part of a decade, 3D printing companies have been foie gras-ed with experience capital and, more recently, SPAC$. Indigestible sums of money have been forced into the cores of startups at unreasonably inflated prices and they’re suffocating. The growth of these companies has fallen to keep up with their appetites and it is increasingly apparent that they will not be fed much. Unfortunately, self-feeding (metaphorical profit) is beyond their reach.

Many 3D printing companies have already come out of their food comas and found religion they’re creating deep cuts to expand their runways while desperately seeking further financing, mergers, and acquisitions. But for most, it’s too late. They are mixing the deck chairs on the Titanic.


3D printed molds are unlike traditionally prepared molds and are applied in many industries that need low-volume production for simple and complex product designs. This article covers everything you need to know about 3D-printed molds and how to create them. Do you require high-quality injection molded parts from 3D printing or CNC machining? Let us help you get started.

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