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Cute Short Hairstyles Trends


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Women can now rock short hair, unlike before when short hairstyles were only associated with men. Short hair is a common choice for most people as it does not require a lot of maintenance as it is with most long hairstyles. A woman with short hair is actually associated with a confident personality and is considered sophisticated.

If you are considering getting short hair, you have all the reasons to go for it. Short hair also gives you a variety of styling options, and there are so many options to choose from for your first look. Short hair is the perfect solution if you are bored with your long hair or want to try a makeover. The following are some cute short hairstyles trend that you can try out.

  • The Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a timeless haircut that you can try if you are looking for a complete makeover or if you’ve had long hair. Combine your pixie with an undercut if you are looking to pass some bad girl vibes.

You can make the hairstyle dramatic by bleaching the longer hair with your favorite bright color. There are so many styling options that you can try out on different days.

  • The Wavy Chop

This idea of short hairstyles is perfect for those who are not ready for a complete transition from long to short hair. The hair is cut to shoulder length, giving you a chance to decide whether to go shorter or leave the hair to grow back to the longer length.

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The idea can be done on any hair texture. You can use a curling iron to achieve the waves or not well-defined curls. You can also spice up the look of this idea by bleaching with your favorite color.

The balayage effect would be perfect with the wavy chop since the effect will be well-defined on the layers of the wavy highlights.

  • Blonde Bangs

This haircut can be described as getting bangs all around the head. To make the hairstyle more defined, have the bangs on the front shorter than the other sides of your head.

You can try this hairstyle if you are a natural blonde or just dye your hair into this cute shade. The bangs should have blunt ends to make the hairstyle stand out better.

  • A Short Pixie

The unique feature of this idea is that the hair left from the scalp is super short. A short pixie will definitely turn heads when done perfectly.

  • Completely Shaved Sides

This is a perfect idea for short hairstyles if you are super confident with super short hair. The hair left on the sides for this side is scalp level and could be termed as going bald o the sides.

You can choose the length of hair you want on the other parts of the head as long as you feature a neat transition between the two lengths. You can try a fade to make the transition neat.

  • A Bob With Front Bangs

For this hairstyle, the bob is cut to shoulder length. It is well combined with a front bang, where the hair should be shorter for this part.

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You can style the hair in different ways, but the original idea should be to let the hair fall free. When cutting the hair, direct it to the shape you want the final result to feature.

You can spice up the look with your favorite color of bleach. The hairstyle is the best option if you want your face to appear more round than it actually is.

  • Mohawk

Imagine getting a cute Mohawk and dying it blonde at the top; the result is nothing but outstanding. The idea is only good for those that are willing to cut the hair on the sides completely short. Depending on the occasion, you can ow the Mohawk by using a fancy headband to blend with your outfit.

  • Faux Hawk Crop

This is the best idea for short hairstyles if you have a type of chair. The longer hair is left on the crown with a sharp transition to the short hair on the sides and the back. Bleach the top of the crown with your favorite color to make the style personalized.

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