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Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev End Engagement: It’s Over! Again!


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Viewers saw Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev become engaged on Season 3 of Darcey & Stacey.

But all good things must come to an end.

Also, so did this engagement.

On Monday, February 28, Darcey announced that they have split.

Darcey Silva opened up to Entertainment Tonight about what must have been a painful decision.

“It was a decision that I made personally for myself,” she stated.

Darcey affirmed that this was also a choice that she made “for my daughters,” Aniko and Aspen.

“And I took a stand,” Darcey explained, “because I felt like the relationship wasn’t moving in the right direction.”

She continued: “From that point of being engaged.”

Darcey then specified: “which happened in the summer, mind you, the tell-all was in wintertime.”

Georgi Rusev - Hi Jesse

“So there had been some time,” Darcey characterized.

“And,” she added, “communication still wasn’t going well.”

Darcey vaguely expressed: “There was a lot of things that just weren’t where they should have been.”

Darcey explained that she knew that she had to take “accountability” when it came to the engagement to Georgi.

“I just felt like for me, I needed to walk away,” she noted.

“And once it left my mind,” Darcey added, “my body followed.”

“And I hit my limit with him,” Darcey stated.

That is understandable.

The two have been through a lot. This isn’t even their first breakup.

Darcey Silva IG with Georgi Rusev - true love and soulmates forever

During Season 1, Darcey introduced Georgi to viewers, who had previously only seen him in blurry photos shared on social media.

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The two of them had chatted online (Georgi being from Bulgaria) before meeting up in February of 2020.

That time of the year got very complicated very quickly for a lot of relationships. In their case, they simply moved in together after a few weeks of dating.

Georgi proposed to Darcey in June of 2020, after just four months of in-person dating.

Darcey praised his energy, his demeanor, and his inner “fire” that summer.

She was, at the time, excited to see where their relationship was headed.

Darcey Silva IG - (removed) I deserve the best and will not settle

Of course, at the end of the show’s second season, the engagement ended — and so did their relationship.

Darcey and Georgi eventually mended fences and got back together. 

90 Day Fiance fans are all too familiar with serial reconciliations … but Darcey is shooting down any speculation that it will happen again.

Darcey Silva hugs Georgi Rusev

“If I continue to do that, it’s just going to keep happening, I feel,” Darcey explained on Monday.

“And I want to keep my heart open for the right person,” she reasoned.

Keeping a positive attitude, Darcey stressed: “I’ll just get back up.”

“I deserve much better,” Darcey affirmed.

“He was a great guy,” she said of her now former fiance.

“I just want to move on and heal,” Darcey expressed, “and I wish him the same.”

Darcey Silva Facetimes with Florian Sukaj mystery woman

“I feel really excited for the future, I’m excited for where I’m at in life right now,” Darcey said.

“People have their moments, people have to grow and learn,” she added.

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“And I think, I’m here to really just stay open and stay authentic and real to who I am as a person, and a wife to eventually the right person,” Darcey stated.

darcey silva and georgi rusev via alice the mess

“So, I feel that you guys will see in the future, how that kind of plays out,” Darcey suggested.

“But I’m excited,” she affirmed.

Darcey concluded: “I’m excited for the next steps ahead.”

georgi rusev and a green car via IG

Darcey listed her reason for ending the relationship, but we have to point out that the timing seems suspicious.

Aaron Carter, former child star and teen singing sensation, had an ugly breakup from his own fiancee, Melanie Martin.

He recently claimed that she had left him only to hook up with the boyfriend of Darcey — of course meaning Georgi.

Now, Aaron Carter says a lot of things, and not all of those things are rooted in reality.

He has also dragged himself into the 90 Day Fiance narrative before, accusing his ex of fleeing to Larissa Lima’s ex-bestie’s house.

Darcey didn’t mention anything about cheating, but … announcing a split just days after that accusation was voiced? That’s a little weird.


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