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Debbie Johnson Blindsided: Colt is a Rotten Bastard for Kicking Me Out!


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On Friday, the Season 2 premiere of 90 Day: The Single Life dropped, showing single Debbie Johnson trying to date.

Debbie is about 70 years old. She was married to Colt’s father for nearly three decades, and has been a single widow ever since.

But it turned out that her dip into the dating pool was not the centerpiece of the premiere.

Her son reminded everyone why he’s a 90 Day Fiance villain when he told Debbie that she has three months to find a new place to live.

Colt Johnson discusses his mother's "gentleman callers"

Colt Johnson and his side-piece-turned-wife, Vanessa Guerra, were talking on the Season 2 premiere.

Calling his mother’s dates “gentlemen callers,” he said that he and Vanessa wanted to give her space while she dates.

Apparently they drove “all the way to the border” when Debbie brought one man home, just in case.

Debbie Johnson has considered moving out, can't afford to

Debbie explained to the camera that she has thought about moving out.

She is aware of the space issue.

But she has looked at apartments and they are simply too expensive for her.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra want space

Of course, perpetual horndog Colt also wanted some space for him and his wife so that they can bone whenever, wherever.

It sounds like there have been some close run-ins with Debbie walking in or almost walking in on them.

And Colt is clearly fearful that the reverse could happen, with him or Vanessa walking in on Debbie.

Debbie Johnson descends the iconic staircase

Debbie descends what is now an iconic staircase to speak to Colt and Vanessa.

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This is a reality show, so she knows that there’s going to be a conversation.

She just doesn’t know what it will be yet.

Debbie Johnson flaunts her new tattoo

Debbie has her new tattoo, a butterfly tattoo.

She shows it off to Vanessa, though Colt shies away from his mother’s unbuttoned blouse.

Then things get more serious as he breaks some news to her.

Colt Johnson announces they're moving out in three months

The lease is ending in three months.

When that happens, Colt and Vanessa will be moving out and getting their own place — without Debbie.

This means that Debbie is effectively left out in the cold, because she will need to find a new place, too.

Debbie Johnson reacts with shock and anger

Three months is not an ideal amount of time to find a new place to live.

Debbie has her entire life to pack up. She is also a 70-year-old woman with cats.

Her immediate reaction is shock, followed by anger.

Colt Johnson awkwardly apologizes

Colt, as awkwardly as humanly possible, says “I’m sorry” and assures his mother that he loves her.

That doesn’t change the position that Debbie is in, or who is putting her there on such short notice.

Debbie excuses herself, declaring that this is making her feel sick, and storms away.

Debbie Johnson - f--king bastard

Very audibly for the microphone, Debbie calls Colt a “f–king bastard.”

The fun part is that this is on Discovery Plus, so there’s no bleeping.

Even the subtitles don’t have to exclude letters. Seriously, check out the included clip.

Debbie Johnson - rotten bastard

“Rotten bastard,” she mutters to herself off camera as she storms off.

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In her room, the production team catches up with her.

There, a tearful Debbie explains just how rotten her situation now is.

Debbie Johnson cries, fears being homeless with her cats

“Sneaky about getting married and doesn’t tell me, and then he’s hiding the fact that he wants me to move out, it’s not the Colt that I know,” she laments.

“This is a sh–ty thing for him to do to his mother, just to kick me out on the f–king street,” Debbie expresses.

“It’s not right. And I have cats. What the f–k am I going to do with my cats? Be homeless with my cats, I guess,” she adds tearfully.


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