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Derick Dillard: Jim Bob Duggar is a Total Hypocrite Who Should LOSE His Campaign!


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Despite the long-overdue conviction of Josh Duggar, that hasn’t stopped Jim Bob’s political campaign.

The Duggar patriarch wants to take his family’s twisted “values” to the Arkansas state legislature.

If the voters let him, Jim Bob could use public office to do real harm to the people of his state.

But son-in-law Derick Dillard says that Jim Bob should never get the chance — because he’s a total hypocrite who cannot be trusted.

A major scandal can send a political campaign into a tailspin.

Josh Duggar’s conviction for receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material could see him spend decades in prison.

It may also have cost Jim Bob whatever shot he had at becoming an Arkansas state senator.

Derick Dillard agrees, telling TMZ that he believes that Jim Bob’s chances of being elected went way down.

He says that it’s not just the obvious taint of Josh’s scandal, either.

Beyond the association between them, it also highlights Jim Bob’s hypocrisy when it comes to sex crimes.

In 2002, Jim Bob ran for United States Senate.

At that time, Jim Bob suggested his policy for what should happen when a rapist impregnates his victim.

He advocated for the rapist to be executed, but for the victim to be forced to carry her attacker’s child to term.

Those are bold words for the father of a sexual predator, but there’s more to that.

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Jim Bob previously covered up Josh’s sex crimes that he committed against five young girls, including his own siblings.

It’s difficult to imagine a way in which that level of complicity didn’t directly lead to Josh accessing CSAM as an adult.

In other words, Jim Bob is the sort of man who says one thing about his beliefs but does another.

Instead of protecting his daughters when they were victims of childhood abuse, he betrayed them and protected the predator.

Clearly, this kind of dishonesty is only a small piece of what makes Jim Bob unqualified, but it’s impossible to ignore.

Then there is something much more on the nose regarding Josh’s recent, well-deserved conviction.

In 2001, Jim Bob was in the Arkansas House of Representatives, and helped sponsor a bill on sex offenses.

The bill aimed at broadening the categories of sex crimes to include “possessing visual or print medium depicting sexually explicit conduct involving a child.”

We’re no legal analysts, but it sounds like that kind of bill wouldn’t just be about CSAM, which is already illegal across the nation.

Instead, it sounds like Jim Bob wanted to haul off high school fic writers for their Riverdale fanfiction.

Derick says that Jim Bob’s actions have made it clear that he is neither transparent nor credible … but name recognition could let him win the election anyway.

Of course, it’s not like all of the candidates running against Jim Bob are good, but some of them may be less shady.

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There are a lot of politicians who espouse heinous views, wanting to criminalize acts that have no victims or legalize acts of unspeakable cruelty.

Many feel that it’s even worse if they don’t truly believe these things. Hypocrisy rubs everyone the wrong way.


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