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Devoin Austin: Farrah Abraham Has Sex For Money!


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Farrah Abraham has worn many hats over the course of her long, strange career.

She’s been a reality star, an adult film actress, an author, an entrepreneur, and these days, she’s apparently trying to sell literal crap on her daughter’s website.

But there’s one job title that’s been following Farrah for years that she vehemently denies — prostitute.

Rumors of Farrah working as an international escort have cropped up every few months for the past several years.

She’s always denied them, but many remain convinced that there’s no other explanation for how the ex-Teen Mom OG star is able to afford her jet-setting lifestyle.

The allegations are making the rounds again this week, and this time they’re coming not from some random social media commentator but from one of Farrah’s former co-stars.

Last week, Farrah quit Teen Mom after getting roasted by viewers and co-stars for her disastrous appearance on Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

As is her style, she burned bridges and talked a mountain of trash before tendering her resignation.

So it wasn’t surprising when several other cast members clapped back at Farrah, with several mentioning her checkered past and sketchy business practices.

First, Ashley Jones reminded Farrah of her porn career.

Now, Briana De Jesus’ baby daddy Devoin Austin has joined in by dragging out the old rumor about Farrah participating in the world’s oldest profession.

According to UK tabloid The Sun, Devoin posted an Instagram Story about Farrah quitting the show along with a comment of his own that attracted quite a lot of attention.

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“Didn’t she f–k for a check though? Uh haha,” Austin captioned the post.

Devoin and Farrah

Now, generally we’re opposed to shaming sex workers, but it’s always tough to defend Farrah, especially after all the insults she hurled when announcing her resignation.

“I will no longer have anything to do with @teenmom,” Abraham wrote on Instagram.

“The disturbing environment does not belong in my future & what I see is evil, is abusive, has no ethics, and is illegal and against the contract.”

“I don’t want any of these people around my family. Enjoy your hate pit of ignorance & power trip,” she continued.

“Children should not be around parents who lie, hate, and are abusive,” Farrah concluded.

“I wish all the Teen Mom children the best, they deserve far greater than what they have. It’s evident.”

Yeah, calling your co-stars a bunch of hateful, abusive liars is never gonna go over well.

And this is after Farrah showed up on the set of Teen Mom: Family Reunion and started hurling bigoted insults at just about everyone in sight.

The trouble began when Cory Wharton confronted Farrah about her claims that Cheyenne Floyd had a baby “just to get on the show.”

“So we had a baby to get on this show? That’s how you feel?” he asked.

“I guess I do. I guess I feel really ghetto too like that,” Abraham shockingly replied.

“Ghetto? What are you talking about ghetto?” an understandably infuriated Cheyenne asked.

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“It’s ghetto ‘cause he’s black? What did you say? He’s ghetto? What did you say? Let’s get ghetto, b-tch,” she continued.

Sadly, security intervened before Cheyenne had an opportunity to “educate” Farrah a little.

“I’ve never actually met Farrah but she’s just had a lot to say about me and my family online,” Cheyenne said during a confessional segment.

“Seeing her in person, she kind of has this evil vibe.”

So yeah, it’s not cool to make fun of someone for working as an adult film star or a prostitute.

But sometimes the rules are a little different when said prostitute is an irredeemable racist like Farrah.


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