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What is Digital Workplace?


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For numerous years, the phrase “digital workplace” has been used. Since then, workplace digitization has progressed at a rapid pace. It’s seldom easy to define what constitutes a successful digital workplace organisation. There are several definitions available. Some of these definitions concentrate on a single topic, while others cover a wide range of digital workplace developments. It’s a wide phrase, and its definition will evolve as the notion becomes more popular. Let’s know more about what is digital workplace

A workforce that is getting older. 

As more baby boomers retire, they are leaving behind a lot of information, which is a problem because their expertise and knowledge are critical in establishing the groundwork for future professionals.

Overabundance of information Big Data is the buzzword here. 

Many organisations and employees are finding it challenging to discover what they need, when they need it, as information continues to rise at exponential rates.

What are the advantages of digital workplace services for businesses?

An organization’s workplace potential may be maximised by using digital workplace services to improve both employee experiences and corporate success. The following are some of the advantages:

  • Employee experiences for a multi-generational workforce are being elevated.
  • Improving cooperation, productivity, and efficiency by breaking down communication obstacles
  • Recruiting and maintaining outstanding performers
  • Using the best technology and support approaches to cut expenses.
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The requirement for speed. 

To get their tasks done and meet deadlines in today’s fast-paced work climate, individuals must work quicker and interact more efficiently. Intranets have shown to be quite effective in this area, and digital workplaces are the next logical step.

Collaboration and Social Enterprise Networks on the Internet

We’ve seen a significant cultural shift in the adoption of various corporate communication platforms. Because of their emphasis on microblogging characteristics, ESNs, or Enterprise Social Networks, were dubbed “the Twitter or Facebook of the enterprise” during their early adoption phases. 89 percent of marketers utilise Facebook in their brand marketing activities, according to the Sprout Social Index.

Today, social cooperation is critical for linking commercial organisations. Medium to big businesses, in particular, are implementing ESN features to allow employees to interact and engage with one another quickly, either through a standalone tool like Yammer or through a product that is part of a consolidated system like the social Q&A component of Salesforce.


For years, as internet and network speeds have improved, it has become possible to use films in real-time communication, which is now regarded vital in business. In a multigenerational workforce, video communication is critical because it keeps employees engaged, productive, and efficient. YouTube and Vimeo remain the most popular video sharing platforms. Video communication applications may be found in marketing, training and development, product management, and the adoption of cutting-edge communication solutions across the company.

Increasing Mobility

In the areas of purchasing, shopping, banking, education, and communication, the appeal of smart mobile devices in the daily lives of employees and managers is well documented. Mobile technologies, such as mobile online meetings, online training, and video learning, play an essential part in breaking down barriers in employee communication and productivity.

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Wearables are steadily becoming more prevalent in many organisations, and they are currently one of the most important developments in today’s digital industry. While telecom technology shifts from 4G to 5G, the wearable sector is growing in popularity, with global end-user expenditure on wearable devices reaching $81.5 billion by 2021. IoT will, without a doubt, begin to find its way into the workplace.

Many commercial organisations, according to experts, will install more wearable gadgets on the work floor in the future. Employee safety monitoring, access management, and health and wellness are all examples of where wearables are now being used in enterprises.


IT firms are increasingly thinking about developing digital workspaces as a secure remote-work strategy has become vital for company resiliency. However, enabling remote work via VPNs, implementing identity restrictions, and deploying cloud-based apps are only the beginning.

As businesses across the world try to figure out what the post-pandemic workplace will look like, it’s crucial to know the difference between a digital workplace and a digital workspace. They aren’t interchangeable. Whether firms envision a full return to the office, an all-remote workforce, or anything in the middle — the “hybrid workplace” — the essential difficulties they confront in formulating strategy remain the same.


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