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Energy-Efficient Improvements to Boost Your Home Resale Value


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Whenever you consider upgrading your home, it isn’t unusual to have people telling you to be careful of overcapitalising. Picking the right improvements should boost your home resale value and help you recoup your upgrade investments. Luckily, installing energy-efficient features is a financially savvy way of saving energy costs while attracting potential buyers.

Green homes are attractive to prospective eco-conscious buyers looking for ways to reduce their monthly energy bills and lower their carbon footprint. Energy-efficient improvements such as solar roof ventilation can offer this without homeowners having to do a major overhaul on their properties. Keep reading for more green ideas that will boost your home resale value and selling potential. 

7 Energy-Efficient Improvements to Boost Your Home Resale Value

1. Solar Roof Ventilation

Solar roof ventilation helps to circulate hot and cold air in your roof space, maintaining the ambient temperature of your home. Keeping the air in your roof cool reduces the need to rely heavily on air conditioning units to manage your indoor climate during the hot summer months. The exchange of fresh air in your roof prevents moisture buildup related to mould and structural damage. 

The benefits of solar roof ventilation include quick installation with minimal infrastructural changes, reduced energy bills and a healthier home environment. 

2. Whole House Fans 

Not only do you get better circulation with whole house fans but they’re a cost-effective solution for cooling homes on hot days while improving indoor air quality all year around. Whole house fans pull fresh, cool outdoor air into your living spaces while removing stale heat. They keep your home free of odours, especially during the colder months when windows and doors are kept shut.

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With whole house fans you can reduce air conditioning costs, have a healthier home and a carbon footprint you can be proud of! 

3. Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacing traditional windows with energy-efficient alternatives can modernise the aesthetics of your home while reducing insulation costs, sunlight glare and cooling expenses. Double-or-triple-glazed windowpanes help to block summer heat while maintaining a stable temperature inside your home. Fitted motorised blinds can do the same job without doing major infrastructural alterations.

Energy-efficient windows or window treatments can improve the appearance of your home, protect your furniture from sun fade and save you some costly monthly utility bills.  

4. No-VOC Paint

No-VOC paint is free from or low in volatile organic compounds that aren’t environmentally friendly. Painting your home with a fresh coat of No- or low-VOC paint before putting your house on the market could be the selling point for prospective eco-friendly buyers. 

The other benefits of environmentally friendly no-VOC paint include:

  • A non-offensive odour
  • Safe for children and other occupants battling with respiratory conditions
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduced toxic fumes

5. Solar-Powered Skylights

Solar-powered skylights, also known as daylighting devices, bring natural lighting into your home throughout the day. Solar power stores sunlight energy for nighttime lighting. These devices can be installed within a couple of hours with minimal interference to your home’s infrastructure. Skylights are excellent energy-efficient solutions for rooms that don’t get sufficient daylight.

Installing solar-powered skylights reduces your reliance on artificial lighting fixtures while having more natural light indoors boosts the mood of occupants. 

6. Solar-Powered Gate Motors

It can be frustrating to get home only to find that your gate motor has gone flat. Solar-powered gate motors prevent this from happening PLUS offer great energy savings and less reliance on the national grid. They’re ideal for homes in more remote locations that don’t have access to reliable power supply and are an energy-efficient security feature as well. 

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Solar-powered gate motors can work in conjunction with other applications, allowing you to switch over to another power source should it be a cloudy day with limited sunlight. 

7. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels to supply power to your whole home is a win-win solution but it isn’t always the cheapest investment for boosting your home resale value. However, more homeowners are switching to solar power to avoid inconvenient outages. Solar panels are the epitome of a green home and prospective eco-friendly buyers often expect this feature nowadays. 

Solar panels can take you off-grid, save you lots of money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panel PV rebates are available for Australian homeowners, making it possible to recover some of the installation costs. 

Final Thoughts

Real estate agents love listing green homes as they know they’ll sell faster in an eco-conscious society. Making energy-efficient improvements to your home is a worthwhile investment that helps you manage rising living costs while boosting your property’s resale value. 

While some energy-efficient features can be expensive to install, the cost savings more than make up for the investment while ensuring you don’t overcapitalise on your property. A healthier home also means reduced medical bills and happier occupants!


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