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Erika Jayne Blows Up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Trashes Sutton Stracke as a “F–king C–t”


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped up its most dramatic season to date on Wednesday night in the only way it really could:

With Erika Jayne going full-on ham.

The full hour of this four-part reunion special focused almost entirely on Jayne and her never-ending beef with pretty much all her colleagues, following their incessant grilling this year of Jayne’s alleged role in her estranged husband’s alleged financial scams.

“I’m lashing out at everyone, Andy. Why wouldn’t I? I tell you the truth,” Jayne said to the show’s host early on, setting the angry tone.

Erika went off on her co-stars for doubting her and for constantly talking behind her back about Tom Girardi’s reportedly stealing money from his past law firm clients.

Cohen then brought up one of the most scandalous viewer conspiracy theories of the season:

That Erika purposely chose not to wear waterproof mascara during an emotional scene with Kyle Richards; that she, essentially, faked tears for the camera to garner sympathy.

“No, absolutely not and that’s not true at all,” she said when asked about the allegation.

“I always do [wear waterproof mascara] because I have allergies with my eyes and that day I did not. That is not true and I don’t need anyone’s sympathy.

“I don’t need anyone’s pity.

“And I certainly don’t need someone on the side who’s no longer on this show to put in their two cents, okay?”

What about the state of Girardi these days, considering he’s been placedd in an assisted living facility and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

Jayne fought off tears, said it was all “very sad” and that she had talked to her former spouse recently just to see how he was doing.

Okay… but what about allegations in an L.A. Times article that at least $20 million from Tom’s firm went into EJ Global LLC, the company set up for Jayne’s performing career?

“It was not,” replied Erika. “There was no $20 million, no. My lawyer wrote to Page Six, to E!, but somehow or another, that doesn’t seem to be told.”

As for allegations that she charged $14 million to her American Express card between 2008 and 2020, Jayne pointed out this covered a 12-year period.

“So if you knock that down to $2 million per year, that’s pretty much what we’re all doing in this lifestyle,” she added, pointing to the rich women around her on stage.

Over and over again, of course, the topic returned to what, if anything, Erika knew about Tom’s seemingly shady business dealings?

Nothing, she insisted — over and over again.

“You can’t hide s— like this, that’s what I’m saying,” she explained.

“This is not some master plan. This is not Erika being some financial f—ing mastermind. This is a tragic sequence of events that are completely terrible.”

The group then delved into the Sutton Stracke of it all, beginning with the meeting she called behind Jayne’s back for all the ladies to air their concerns about the ordeal.

Erika went off on her co-star around that time, saying “I’m coming for you” if Sutton calls her a liar ever again.

After Sutton claimed she hired security for a week to protect her family?

Jayne scoffed, and then uttered the line of the night:

It felt like you were being a bitchy f—ing c—. That’s what it felt like.

Overall, Girardi stands accused of embezzling money from cancer patients, a burn victim and the families of plane crash victim.

And Jayne stands accused, at minimum, of showing very little sympathy to these victims.

“You know how I can serve the victims the best? By cooperating in court, rolling up my sleeves and getting to the bottom of it and that is what I’ve done,” she said on air in response… as her costars emphasized how they would have loved to hear more remarks like that during shooting.

Cohen added that this was the most important thing Jayne said on the whole reunion.

“The legitimate claims need to be taken care of,” Jayne concludedd, before addressing all of her costars.

“Thank you for hearing me out today. It is not pretty, it is ugly.

“Stories have run wild and people have filled in the blanks.

“I hope that today you all leave knowing a little bit more of my side and understand this will not be wrapped up easily.”

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