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Futurists, Soothsayers for the Digital Age


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Businesses need to know what to expect from the future, as a way to build sustainability. A futurist is someone who focuses on the future of society, on how technology and AI are disrupting the way society functions today, and how to adapt to the new world. 

For businesses, learning about technology trends is crucial. The future of work, and how artificial intelligence will affect it, is also of crucial importance. Businesses need to adopt innovation if they want to continue to be successful. 

Learn about automation, digital transformation, innovation, and emerging technologies from futurist and artificial intelligence speakers. 

Who Is a Futurist Speaker? What About Artificial Intelligence Speakers? 

A futurist speaker is someone who focuses on studying how emerging technologies affect businesses, society, and the economy. They are able to make accurate predictions on the future, after analyzing information on innovative technologies and technology trends. With the help of a futurist speaker, the audience will be able to learn everything there is to know about future trends, and how to predict them. 

You can also book artificial intelligence speakers, who fall within a similar niche. While 

Futurist speakers focus on foresight-making, analyzing technology trends, and more, artificial ıntelligence speakers look at how AI interacts with and affects the world. 

Who Are the Futurist Speakers That You Should Book? 

Are you looking for a futurist speaker to book? Here are three that you can consider. 

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1. Anton Musgrave 

Anton is a futurist, as well as a business strategist. He enjoys engaging with senior executives about market dynamics, technologies, and other forces that might affect the success of a business in the future. People who attend Anton’s talks usually leave with insights that help inspire action. 

Previously, he worked as the MD of Citadel Private Client Wealth Management. He was also a managing partner in a big legal practice. At present, he works as an advisor for businesses as well as families. He helps people use strategic thinking to fuel business success. He knows what the drivers of long-term success are, and how businesses can stay ahead of the market. 

A globally acclaimed speaker, he has spoken at various corporate events. He also teaches at various business schools, such as the London Business School, Said Business School, the Indian School of Business, and others. Through his keynote speeches, he has talked about quantum relationships, the future and innovation, the future of human relevance, strategy for the future, and more. 

If you’re looking for a futurist speaker who is well known for their foresight and belief in the current digital transformation, then book Anton. 

2. Christian Baudis 

Christian is a digital entrepreneur as well as a futurist. Previously, he worked as an executive for Google. He is known for founding multiple European startups. He has also worked in the position of a CEO within the internet and media sectors of the EU, for over twenty years. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for the Goethe Business School. He also teaches as a visiting professor in the MBA program, teaching students about digital transformations. 

He also advises international investors on their finial strategy and is well-known as a keynote speaker. He can help the audience learn about technology trends, disruption, and digital transformation, as well as on making foresight for the future. Through his keynote speeches, he has talked about big data and AI, global disruption, sensor technologies, the digital future, and more. 

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If you’re looking for a well-known futurist speaker to hire for your next event, Christian could be perfect for you. 

3. Magnus Lindkvist 

Magnus is known as a trendspotter as well as a futurologist. Based in Zurich in Switzerland, he is considered one of the most thought-provoking speakers in the world. He has a presentation style that is dynamic. When this is combined with his compelling content, he creates memorable sessions that the audience can truly enjoy. 

He has also written three books, which aims to challenge the way people think about the future. He is the founder of Pattern Recognition, which helped companies deal with the complex future, and how it might impact them. He actively contributes to TED, and gas participated in conferences around the world. He has spoken for big names such as Goldman Sachs, Coca Cola, BBC, McDonalds, and many more. 

Through his keynote speeches, he talks about the future of technology, how to predict the future, disruptive innovation, and more. 

Who Are the Artificial Intelligence Speakers That You Should Book? 

Artificial intelligence speakers focus on how AI technologies can transform the world, and how they will affect people and businesses. Here are two artificial intelligence speakers for you to consider: 

1. Adam Cheyer 

Adam is the co-founder and vice president of engineering at Siri and Viv Labs. He is also a well-known speaker on artificial intelligence. While Adam founded Viv Labs and built it to be successful, the business was acquired by Samsung in 2016. 

He later went on to found Siri. This was acquired by Appl in 2010, following which Adam worked as the Director of Engineering for iPhones. Siri would go on to win the Innovative Web Technologies Award, at the SXSW. 

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Adam is also a founding member as well as advisor for He is also a prolific author, having written over sixty publications and issued twenty-five patents. He was also the Chief Architect of CALO, one of the largest machine learning and AI projects from DARPA. Through his keynote speeches, he has spoken on the future of AI and businesses, intelligence interface agents, and more. If you’re looking for an AI speaker with several years of experience learning about AIs, then Adam could be the speaker you’re looking for. 

2. Cassie Kozyrkov 

Cassie is the Chief Decision Scientist at Google. Throughout her career, she has advised leadership teams on how to make better decisions, and strategies on AI, and on building organizations that are data-driven. She is known for being an innovator, as well as for bringing the Decision Intelligence practice to Google. She has personally trained over 22,000 employees of Google. 

Before she joined Google, however, she worked as a data scientist as well as a consultant. She has degrees in mathematical statistics, psychology, economics, as well as neuroscience. Learn all about the future of AI by booking Cassie for your next event. 

Booking A Futurist or An Artificial Intelligence Speaker for Your Next Event 

You can book our futurist speakers or artificial intelligence speakers by contacting us. Send us an email or call us, to book speakers from Speaker Agency today. You can also directly go to the profile page of the speaker that you want to book and click on ‘enquire’. 

At Speaker Agency, you’ll find futurist and artificial intelligence speakers. They can help your audience learn all about the relationship between technology and society, and how that can affect the future.

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