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Erika Jayne is Dating Again: Time to Find a NEW Old Rich Husband!


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A couple of weeks ago, viewers heard Erika Jayne complain that she’s almost broke and in desperate need of some dong.

There’s a shortage of sympathy for Erika these days, and a lot of people question her definition of “broke.”

But being ready to date is not quite the same thing as dating, as anyone could tell you.

Erika has made the jump, however — and is actively dating for the first time since the ’90s.

TMZ reports that Erika Jayne began dating again about a month ago.

In that time, she has gone on a handful of dates.

It doesn’t sound like she is dating anyone specific, as the outings have been with different men.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

This has been a huge change for Erika.

She filed to divorce Tom Girardi nearly one year ago, in November of 2020.

That filing came after 21 years of marriage. That’s not an easy thing to forget.

Obviously, the dating world is very different than it was when Erika was last on the market.

It’s not the 1990s anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Erika has to act like it.

Instead of taking advantage of the plethora of dating apps, including those that cater to the famous, Erika’s methods are more old school.

Apparently, Erika’s friends have been setting her up with these guys.

Once paired with an eligible bachelor, Erika heads out on a date.

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According to the report, the men have all been fellow Los Angeles locals — which is smart.

Andy Cohen challenges Erika Jayne (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Erika is looking for something specific in her suitors, and it might not be what you think.

According to the report, she is hoping to see if there’s a spark — if one guy stands out among the others.

Some of Erika’s dates work in the entertainment field, but not all of them, so she is not limiting her options too strictly.

Erika has more on her plate than just dating, and we’re not just talking about her various legal and financial woes.

Filming is already underway for the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Erika and her castmates are filming, which is good news for her.

RHOBH 14 July 2021 promo - Erika Jayne explains the rumors

After all, Erika needs the money.

By all accounts, her income from Bravo is her most secure financial lifeline right now.

It’s not a permanent financial safety net and it’s never going to match her former lifestyle, but it can keep her housed and fed.

Some fans may wonder who would date Erika amidst this scandal.

First, we have to remember that not everyone assumes that she was involved in or even knew about Tom’s alleged crimes.

Second, we should also remember that Tom Girardi is being investigated but has not confessed to or been convicted of anything.

RHOBH 14 July 2021 promo - Erika Jayne at home

It’s also worth noting that Erika is probably dating age-appropriate or even older men.

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Very few of them are likely very invested in Bravolebrity drama in the way that those of us who follow the show are.

The real test may end up being whether a man with the “spark” is also willing to film with her for Bravo’s cameras. Not everyone is down for that.


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