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Everything You Should Know About Staffing Agencies


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If you are someone who’s looking to hire employees or an individual who desires to work as a temp employee then this article is for you. Read through to comprehend everything about the staffing agencies.

First things first, let’s start with getting to know the meaning of temporary staffing agencies and the purpose they serve. 

What Are Staffing Agencies?

Staffing agencies are those organizations or firms whose main objective is to deliver the required manpower to other industries. They seek human resources that are in demand and place them in various domains of work at different positions. From collecting the data of individuals who are seeking the job to analyzing the demands of Industries that are willing to fill those positions, an employment agency supervises everything. 

Employment agencies are also known as searching agencies, temp-to-hire firms and recruiting companies. Staffing agencies hire people for both temporary and permanent jobs, keeping in check that they meet the requirements of the hiring company. Here’s how a staffing agency provides its services:

  • Once you hire a staffing agency, they will assist you in sourcing the candidate, doing all the background checks, training them and making sure you get the most qualified person for the vacant position. 
  • The employment agency provides human resources for various fields of work like Health care, Industrial, Managerial, Engineering and Information Technology. 
  • They also offer a human resource consultancy service to their clients.
  • Staffing agencies are in charge of everything that comes under the recruitment process.
  • The staffing agency helps you build an effective job description. 
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Furthermore, there are many tasks that a staffing agency has to perform in order to make the hiring process smooth and hassle-free.

Types Of Staffing Services

Just so that you don’t get confused between different types of employment agencies, here’s a list that tells you about them. 

  •    The Traditional Staffing Firms/Agencies
  •    Temporary Staffing Agencies or Temp to-hire companies
  •    The Executive search firms
  •    Contingency recruitment agencies
  •    The retained search firms 

Now you must be wondering how these firms are different from one another. We will discuss it later in this blog.  Before that let’s address how these recruitment firms work.

How Does A Staffing Agency Works?

As we’ve already mentioned above, a staffing agency operates as a bridge between companies that are seeking to hire and employees that are willing to work. They provide complete end-to-end hiring solutions to fill all kinds of positions, where these positions may or may not be permanent. 

  1. How to Contact The Staffing Agency?

The client company has to approach the staffing agency and give them information about the required workforce, the vacant positions, the skills and qualifications required to fill those positions, and the number of employees they need. It’s best to find a firm that specializes in your area of industry. For example, if you’re looking for a sales rep, then an outside sales staffing agency will be able to better evaluate clients based on specific qualifications and characteristics. 

Based on this information, the employment agency creates a job description and advertises it on its own website and other social media platforms.

  1. How Should You Apply For A Job Through Staffing Agency?
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Those who want to work through a staffing agency can go to their website and fill out a simple application there. You can also contact the staffing agency and clear your queries regarding the job.

  1. How Are Interviews And Background Checks Conducted?

After going through all the applications of interested candidates, the staffing agency then moves on to conducting interviews. In these interviews, you will be asked questions related to the job you are applying for and a thorough background check about your employment history will be done. All this data is presented to the employer who then chooses the most deserving candidate for the job.

  1. Everything About Building A Contract And Payment

The staffing through which you got hired is accountable for a lot of things. From social security, and employment taxes to Medicare. In the case of temporary workers, the client company decides the payment on an hourly or a weekly basis, and then the employment agency specifies the amount to you. 

Why Should You Go With A Staffing Agency?

When a client company approaches any staffing agency, they are asking them to take over the duties of the hectic and time-consuming hiring process. Unlike placement or retained search services, Temp agencies are very much distinctive in terms of commitments.  They overlook all the difficulties and provide end-to-end staffing solutions to their clients. Let’s quickly have a look at the duties of a staffing agency. 

Responsibilities Of A Staffing Agency

  1. A staffing agency has to understand, analyze, and evaluate the workload needs and the qualification required to perform those duties, and the most suitable candidate to begin with recruitment.
  2. Screen candidates and conduct different levels of interviews before shortlisting them for the position.
  3. A staffing agency is also responsible to take care of any legal issue involving the job and prepare contracts for the same.
  4. Some staffing agencies also lend training to the candidates so that they can easily fit into the working environment of their client’s workplaces.
  5. After the recruitment gets completed, they have to maintain a record of temp workers’ performance and do regular follow-ups. 
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Hiring a staffing agency for temp staffing or regular staffing is always a good step for so many reasons. As these guys are the specialists and have the required knowledge and tools to make the hiring process very convenient for you. Hope you found this blog helpful!

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