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The Best IT Staffing Agencies in 2022


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To bring you the best leading IT staffing agency, we scored over a dozen of recruiters on specific standards. We have particularly chosen those companies who have a good reputation and are doing well in the business for a long time. Also, one of the criteria includes how globally accepted its services are, just so you don’t find it difficult to contact them. 

Our compilation is focused on agencies that are best known for IT job placements on both temporary and permanent basis. Other than finding recruiters who hire a wide range of employment types, we went for those agencies who hire in specialised fields of work. Generally, these recruiters have the expertise and offer better assistance.

Here’s a well-defined list of companies that specialise in IT staffing requirements.

 So, without further ado, let’s dig deep into knowing more about these staffing agencies.

List Of Top 5 IT Staffing Agencies In 2022

  1. Scion Technical Staffing

Scion Technical Staffing is one of the most trusted national technical, creative, and IT staffing agencies in the United States. They source the best talent for top-tier firms and promising start-ups. The company has a strong network of over 14,000 candidates and maybe potential employees that excel in the IT profession. Also, with tremendous national and global reach, Scion Technical Staffing brings everything to the table. 

Awards And Achievements: Among several achievements and good reviews, the ones that stand out are- the award for Best Executive Recruiting Firm in the US by Forbes, the Best of Staffing award, and a feature in Business Times. 

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Job Types: Scion Technical Staffing is home to thousands of IT jobs that include Technical Project Managers, Support Staff, Developers, Programmers, Front-end developers, UI designers, Graphic Designers, and Consultants. 

Offices: Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago, Portland, and many. 

Contact: (888) 487-8850 

  1. TEKsystems

As evident from the name itself, TEKsystems is an expert IT staffing recruiter located in the United States Of America. When it comes to IT staffing, TEKsystems is truly a force to reckon with. The company has around 100 offices across the globe, and they cater to 80% of Fortune 500 companies. In the world of IT staffing agencies, TEKsystems has all the right talent and the best placement opportunities to offer. 

Awards And Achievements: The best aspect of choosing TEKsystems is that solely focuses on IT positions. Hence, you only get the most relevant job suggestions. Also, with its wide reach across the globe, you save a lot of time. 

Job Types: TEKsystems offer hundreds of IT jobs including posts like help desk analyst, network engineer, project manager, and database manager. 

Headquarters: 7437 Race Road, Hanover, MD 21076.

Contact: (410) 540-7700 

  1. Insight Global

Insight Global is a rapidly growing temp staffing agency that specializes in IT staffing solutions. The company is situated in Atlanta, Georgia and has several client delivery centres(CDC) and around 60 different offices in the US and Canada. The timely growth of Insight Global tells a story of success and trust. 

Awards And Achievements: Insight Global has won several awards including the Best of Staffing Client Diamond award in 2021. The reviews of Insight Global are also decent, all these matrices make it a good company. 

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Job Types: Insight Global is home to a variety of IT jobs including quality operations associates, IT auditors, front-end and back-end developers, SharePoint developers and many more. 

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Contact: (404) 257-7900

  1. Randstad

Randstad is a well-known employment agency established in the year 1960. The company was founded by Frits Goldschmeding and has won the trust of both employers and employees. Its motto is “Helping talent meets opportunity”, and it has managed to do a great job by staffing over 5000 candidates in top-tier IT firms. Randstad served in more than 38 countries and truly is one of the best IT staffing agencies.  

Awards And Achievements: Randstad has a commendable job with their website, which allows users to select the best jobs with the contact details of the employer. 

Job Types: Around 2,500 IT jobs are listed on Randstad which range from CNC programmers, and Cloud DevOps, to business intelligence engineers. 

Headquarters: One Overton Park, 3625 Cumberland Blvd SE, Atlanta.

Contact: (877) 601-7453 

  1. Apex System

Apex System is a pioneer in the business of recruiting employees. The company was established in Richmond, Virginia, in the year 1995. At present, these expert placement consultants have a wide network of Client Delivery Centers(CDC) and several offices in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The company specializes in proving IT staffing, not to forget its impressive proprietary database of over 19 million specialists. 

Awards And Achievements: Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction award, Best of Staffing Client, and many other awards. 

Job Types: This staffing agency has more than 3000 job offerings in different fields of work. They offer experienced consultants in application development, IT project managers, data entry clerks, and many other well-paying IT jobs. 

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Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia 

Contact: (804)245-2600

Good luck with your quest to choose the best staffing agency. Hope you found the article helpful, Thank You For Reading!

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