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Examples of digital tools in education


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There are so many digital education tools out there with students and teachers spoiled for choice when it comes to which one they want to use. Explore reviews and recommendations to discover the best online learning platforms tailored to your needs. These tools were created to help students progress academically with ease, improve how teachers approach their academic practices, make it easy to collaborate, and more. 

Together with an academic writing expert, we will look at some of the best examples of digital tools in education at the disposal of teachers and students. Before going into the examples, it is important to define what digital tools are first.

What are digital tools in education?

Lauren Bradshaw, professional essay writer from said, “Digital learning tools are a wide range of amazing platforms, apps, and websites that help college or school students, parents and teachers connect to provide an amazing learning experience”. 

Overall these digital tools in the classroom are there to make the life of a student and teacher easier when it comes to learning, communicating as well as teaching. There are so many top-class examples of digital learning tools at our disposal and below are some of the most popular. Web-based portals like Apple School Manager give free storage access (up to 200 GB) to teachers and students storage for assignments, documents, and resources.

Digital tools in education


This is one of the best apps that allow easy student and teacher collaboration plus is great for those who are doing a course in animation. It is also wonderful for those who want to expand their knowledge on various topics because students can access a large variety of information without breaking a sweat.

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When at college or university, students need to buy books and this tool helps get them cheap. The user interface is very easy to use and allows anything that a student creates can be shared online. Anything that is created can be made into videos or even audio files to make it easy for students who have learning problems to easily digest the content.


This tool is different from the rest on this list because it helps students massively improve their behavior by providing feedback on how they are performing and a point-based reward system. This gives students an extra incentive to participate in class activities even more and notifications are received in real-time. Information that is collected by this tool can be used by a college or university’s administrators and even shared online to inspire other students on campus.


This is one of the best educational tools around because it allows students and teachers to connect in the same manner social media apps do. Teachers can put students into groups where they can work on tasks together as well as provide them with educational materials to aid them with their studies. With millions of users all across the world, there is no doubting its popularity because one can customize it to their liking.


Anyone passionate about engineering and entrepreneurship is well aware of this incredible educational tool. Teachers enjoy using this tool because it enables them to create a series of exercises for their students that they can easily solve on their tablets or mobile devices. Teachers can also monitor how students are progressing with their studies and make changes where needed.

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There are not many tools out there that allow students and tutors to create top-quality multimedia presentations and this is one of them. Everything from slides to images can all be created on this tool effortlessly and if a teacher wants to create quizzes, they can do so with this tool as well. Presentations can be shared either online or in class making it a very versatile tool to have in one’s arsenal as one progresses academically.


Students who are into music love using this tool because it allows them to mix pictures with sounds. When students create content with this tool, they can share it on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On top of that, this tool is very flexible for teachers and awakens a student’s curiosity. 


Not many students know how to reference their work when they are writing it but this tool is amazing at sharing educational materials. Students can hit the internet, collect information and share it with their peers who are in the group with them. 

This allows for more diverse information to be shared and a student learns potential new research techniques they are not aware of. On top of that, teachers can also organize online lessons with their students and create a place where all the information they collect can easily be shared.

Under the radar digital tools in the classroom


Reading and writing are very important parts of a student’s life and this tool does a great job of unlocking one’s artistic side by allowing them to access a large variety of high-quality groups. The user interface is very simple and the stories students read can be printed, shared on social media, sent to their emails, or embedded in a blog. Just like most of the tools on this list, teachers can organize classes, grade papers, provide feedback and create projects.

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Students that enjoy creating high-quality videos shouldn’t look further than this tool because this is what it is good at. Top-quality videos can easily be made with minimal effort from computers or smart devices. It is this level of interactivity that makes students become invested in their lessons and get better grades. The user-friendly interface is the real star here because teachers can create visual or audio content for the students which is fantastic.


Last on the list is a digital tool called Kahootand it is a great platform that is centered around questions and games. This tool allows tutors to create things like questionnaires, surveys, and discussions for their students to take part in. This tool can also be connected to a projector during class sessions so that students can play games and learn simultaneously. 

It is one of a few tools out there that encourages game-based learning and is known to increase student engagement. It creates a fun and dynamic environment that makes learning feel less of a chore and something which students can look forward to.

Final thoughts 

We live in an era where digital learning has become very popular especially when the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic at the tail of 2019 heading into 2020. A lot of digital tools for remote learning became more popular and trending.

Technology has made it easy for students and teachers to connect and ensure that even if there is a pandemic, learning shouldn’t be put to a halt. All the digital tools mentioned in this article are incredible and do a wonderful job of ensuring that students get the best education position. 


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