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Expelled by Chirag Paswan, uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras elected LJP’s national president


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Pashupati Kumar Paras has been elected as LJP national president by rebel leaders.

Rebel LJP MP Chandan Singh today informed that Pashupati Kumar Paras has been elected as National President of the party, two days after the rebel leaders collectively removed Chirag Paswan from the post. Chandan Singh is among the five MPs including Paras to have revolted against Chirag. The LJP had six MPs – Beena Devi, Mehboob Ali Qaiser, Chandan Singh, Prince Raj (Chirag Paswan’s cousin) including Paras and Chirag who are heading the two factions now.

When Paras revolted against Paswan on 14th June, he said that he had no objection against Chirag who was the national president. The five rebel MPs moved the Lok Sabha Speaker’s office and got Paras nominated as LJP’s leader in the Lower House. The series of events that followed have left the party founded by Ram. Vilas Paswan in a shoddy mess.

Today’s move by the Paras faction has put a full stop to LJP leader Surajbhan Singh’s remark that Chirag and his uncle will come together. “Chirag Paswan and Pashupati Kumar Paras will come together and stay in one party. Chirag should understand that it’s been long that his uncle worked under him and now he should let Paras lead,” said Surajbhan Singh yesterday, asking media persons not to add fire to the issue. Notably, the Paras faction had appointed Surajbhan as LJP’s national working president.

Talking to the media yesterday for the first time since the feud, Chirag Paswan alleged that there have been attempts for a while now to break the LJP. Paswan said that he was looking up to his uncle Paras after the demise of Ram Vilas Paswan. Making an emotional statement, Chirag said that he did not become an orphan when his father passed away but he did when his uncle betrayed him.

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While the Paras faction had expelled Chirag from all party posts, Chirag Paswan held a virtual meeting of the party’s national executive and passed a resolution expelling all the rebel leaders. He also wrote to Om Birla requesting the speaker to issue a new circular re-appointing junior Paswan as the Leader of the LJP in the Lok Sabha.

Chirag also said that while he is proud of his decision to contest the Bihar polls against Nitish Kumar, he alleged that several party leaders including his uncle were not ready to take the path of struggle.

Reacting to his remarks, Paras said that many LJP leaders wanted to contest the election in alliance with NDA but Chirag didn’t agree. “This is the reason why the LJP is on the verge of a collapse,” said Paras.

Paras even questioned Chirag over his decision to remove him from the post of State President. “We contested Bihar Lok Sabha elections under my supervision and all 6 MPs won. We then received the highest percentage of votes,” claimed Paras.

While both the factions have not let go of any chance to denounce each other, the battle to control the LJP may soon turn legal if a resolution is not arrived at soon.


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