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Facing a DUI Charge in Colorado? What You Should Do First


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An arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Colorado can be frightening and stressful, but understanding what to anticipate from the legal system can help you deal with a DUI accusation.

DUI laws are administered by state law, so the specifics may change depending on where you were charged and if you are a juvenile, but what follows is a broad outline of what you should know if you are facing DUI charges for a first offense that did not result in bodily damage or death. You can consult a Colorado dui attorney to learn more. 

What to do after getting a DUI? 

A DUI arrest and charge can have serious consequences for your life. A DUI offender’s driver’s license may be suspended if not permanently revoked. They may face significant court expenses, fines, and other criminal punishments. Furthermore, they may face jail time, and they may lose their jobs or, at the absolute least, be less employable. 

A DUI charge can also raise your vehicle insurance costs. So, do not take a DUI charge lightly. Taking the proper procedures promptly following a driving under-the-influence arrest can safeguard your rights and secure a positive outcome at trial. 

The chemical test 

This is a legal obligation in most places, and refusing to take chemical testing is punished by law. A chemical test measures your current blood alcohol levels. The arresting police officer can determine the amount of alcohol in your blood at the moment of arrest using this blood alcohol level. If you declined to do field sobriety tests, you have nothing to fear from this test and a lot to lose by refusing the chemical one.

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The legal process 

First, it is crucial to remember that in many states, you can be charged with both driving under the influence and having a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit (sometimes known as a “DUI per se”). However, one charge is frequently removed if you plead guilty or go to trial. 

Regardless, the first step after a standard DUI accusation is generally an arraignment, which is a hearing where a defendant is formally charged with a felony in front of a judge. You will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty, but you can modify your plea later; therefore, you may not require a DUI attorney right now. You might just plead not guilty and ask for a jury trial at this time. 

If the accusation is a misdemeanor and you have not yet paid the bond, you will most likely be released on your recognizance, which means you are expected to return to court for your next legal procedure. For more information, consult an experienced attorney right away.

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